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Communication Methods

Communication methods can be grouped into the following categories:

Interactive Communication:

In this method two or more people interact with each other. An individual provides information which is received by the other person who then responds to the information given by the individual. Meetings, conference calls, video conferences are examples of Interactive communication.

Push Communication:

Unlike interactive communication, this method involves sending the information to the recipient with no expectation of receiving the feedback. This is one-way streaming of information. Status reports, mass-mailers, project updates sent to a large population are examples of push communication.

Pull Communication:

In this method, the sender places the information at a central location (like a sharepoint or a share drive) and the recipients responsible to use the information or need the information retrieve the details from that location.

Control Of Communications

The project manager cannot control all of the information

The project manager needs to control the flow of communication and the information shared in the communication About 85-90% of the project managers time is spent in communicating Meetings There are several rules for meetings. Some of them are:

Meetings should have a time limit, and project manager should keep to it.

  • Recurring meetings should be scheduled in advance Meeting with the team should be regular (however, need not be often)

  • Each meeting should have a specific purpose and agenda

  • The agenda should be distributed to the meeting attendees before the meeting

  • Team should stick to the agenda during meeting

  • Team members and meeting attendees should know their role in meetings before hand (for example, one member could be the minute taker and the other could be a time-keeper)

  • Meetings to include right audience

  • Effective facilitation is required by project manager to chair and rules are to be kept in view

  • For each action, the action owner and deliverable date to be assigned in the meeting Minutes to be documented and published

Communication Channels

Communication channels can be calculated using the formula: N (N 1) / 2 where N = the number of people.

Communication Management Plan

A communication management plan documents how the project manager manages and controls communication. All stakeholder needs must be addressed. Communication management plan becomes a part of project management plan.


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