Key Process Groups of Project Integration Management:

Project managers are required to follow certain activities that are involved in various process groups, including initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. These project management processes are in turn coordinated with the various processes of integration management. Read on for the project process groups of all project management processes

Project Process Groups

The initiation process group encompasses all those processes that are required for the formal authorization of the beginning of any new project. This group includes the development of the Project Scope Statement and Project Charter too. 


The planning process group is related to the processes required for establishing the project scope; developing the Project Management Plan, identifying and scheduling various project activities, and so forth. 


The executing process group involves the processes that are important for completing the work as outlined in the Project Management Plan. This group is an important one as it is instrumental in achieving the project's objectives. The proper implementation of the Project Management Plan is ensured via the performance of processes linked with the directing and managing of project execution.

Monitoring and Controlling

This process group is related to the processes associated with gathering, assessing, as well as distributing performance information. It analyzes trends and measurements for making continual process improvements too. The processes of implementing integrated changes, controlling project work, and monitoring all ongoing processes are related to this group. 


The process group consists of closing processes required to outline the official completion of all project activities and handing over the finished product to others. This process group also signifies the closure of a canceled project. 

All these project process groups interact, overlap, and directly affect each other. They are integral parts of a greater project plan and play their roles to create well-synchronized project management interactions. 

Project Integration Management and its Processes

This knowledge area integrates processes for accomplishing project objectives. The various processes that require mention with regards to Project Integration Management are:

Develop Project Charter 

Development of the project charter acts as a signal for initiating the project. The project charter so derived sanctions and approves the project. It also gives the project manager the go-ahead (and authority) for acting and applying organizational resources for the cause of the project.

Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement

A high-level, initial definition of the overall project scope, this Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement allows others to gain clarity about the product or service to be developed y the project, methods of approval, and the tactical strategies underlining the change control processes.

Develop Project Management Plan

 This process develops the Project Management Plan that includes all the activities required for creating and integrating diverse subsidiary plans. This plan outlines the ways in which the project will be executed, managed, controlled, and monitored.

Direct and Manage Project Execution

The processes related to directing and managing all project execution tasks involve the orchestrating of the performance of the project team, tasks required for implementing the Project Management Plan and finishing all the work mentioned in the Project Scope Statement.

Monitor and Control Project Work

The processes put to use for monitoring and controlling the different aspects of the project work are discussed here. In this group of Project Integration Management, the project’s progress is measured and balanced, all corrective/preventative actions are put into place, and steps are taken to ensure that all project objectives are duly met.

Integrated Change Control 

This is typically a change control process that includes evaluations for all change requests, authorization of changes, and management of changes for ensuring successful project plans as well as deliverables. In this process only validated and approved changes are capable of being implemented. 

Close Project 

This process pinpoints the closure of all ongoing and finished project activities, delivery of the final project, and gaining client approval for ensuring a smooth completion 

These seven processes of Project Integration Management work together for facilitating proper project coordination. Proper integration at this stage reveals that all the processes have been seamlessly linked and fuelled for closure. 

Way Forward

Project Integration Management, the first knowledge group defined by the Project Management Institute aids the successful completion of all projects by integrating, articulating, and unifying all sub-processes to deliver a cohesive whole; after all, this is what project handling is all about. A PMP Certification goes a long way in helping project managers address these processes and other complex details that are allied with the same. With the right credentials in place, they gain access to common terminology, proven ways of gaining project success, and a good peep into what works (and what not) through the application of these group processes. 

Are you ready to harness the powers of these processes? Start today!

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