Online PMP Training vs. Classroom Training

Project management tools and techniques are increasingly becoming relevant across all industry verticals where work is executed in projects and not as regular, ongoing operations with repetitive tasks. Project management training can help professionals to become better suited to their jobs with a better sense of time and resources and equips them with the right skills and knowledge needed to efficiently manage a project.  
It is interesting to note the evolution in the way projects are being managed in the various successful business organizations across the world. It is also noteworthy that effective project managers are contributing to organizational success as they are capable of managing the projects better and they are aligned with the organizational goals.
Considering such developments in the corporate sphere, obtaining the prestigious PMP certification can be your answer to success at the current organization as well as better career prospects at organizations that value the merits of project management education. This formal credential can make sure that your organization recognizes your knowledge of project management principles and understands that your ideas can be used profitably by your organization. 
However, for working professionals taking time off to study for this certification may seem baffling. In such cases, online training for your PMP can prove to be a viable alternative to allow you to obtain this certification without having to worry about taking time off from your job. In fact, you must continue to work while you study for the PMP certification as very few people do that on purpose.
The benefits of taking an online training to prepare for your PMP certification can be many. Online PMP training doesn’t only offer the flexibility in your study schedule, it also equips you with power to spend more time on training. While you can study at your own pace and prepare yourself slowly for PMP, you can take care that your personal life does not get adversely affected while preparing for this PMP online. 
Preparing for PMP online can also help you gain the practical experience needed to qualify for this certification of high repute. The project management skills such as communication management, time management, quality management and cost management are all a part of the PMP exam curriculum. Using these project management skills and knowledge in your work environment not only benefits you, but also your organization. 
Online PMP training can also help you be a part of an online community of professionals focused on the same goal. In addition, most online courses also offer access to trainers for some discussions on concepts taught or the exam.
On the other hand, classroom training for PMP has its own advantages. Training at a PMP boot camp can be said to be more structured and rigorously developed so that professionals preparing for the exam are able to devote time to their preparation in a more disciplined way. PMP classroom training helps you to reach certain goals at regular interval so that you do not lose track of your preparation in your hectic work schedules. 
Classroom training can help you directly interact with the trainer(s) and your peers so that learning from the experiences of your peer group is easily imbibed in your preparation process. Moreover, experience sharing can be more effective if you are in direct contact with your trainer or instructor and others aspiring to crack the same exam as yours. 
The activity based learning that your PMP classroom training can provide is unmatchable with any form of online learning activity. The fundamentals of project management understood through activities such as case studies and role plays can help to understand how theoretical concepts can be applied to real life problems to be able to come up with effective solutions. Experiential learning reinforces the concepts like nothing else.
In the end, it depends on your knowledge of self. As an adult, you are the best person to assess what kind of learning mode suits you best. However, we believe that training for the PMP exam, whether online or classroom, requires a highly disciplined approach. The key to successful preparation for a prestigious and highly acclaimed certification such as the PMP requires professionals to be realistic in terms of the time available for study. While training courses can fast track the development of the competencies required to successfully qualify the exam, a structured approach and high level of commitment are the most important prerequisites to success in the PMP examination.

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