PMP Exam change date moves to January

The final date for the current PMP exam pattern change has moved to 11 January 2016

The PMP exam pattern change was scheduled to change from 01 November 2015. However, to allow all stakeholders additional time to prepare for the updated Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam, the date has moved to 11 January 2016.

As per a recently completed Role Delineation Study (RDS), it has provided an updated description of the project management professional role. Research included a large-scale survey of global Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification holders to validate updates to domains, tasks, knowledge, and skills. The RDS captures perspectives of project management practitioners from all industries, work settings, and regions. It serves as the foundation for the PMP exam and ensures its validity and relevance.

How will PMP be affected?

The five domains of practice for the PMP remain the same. However, tasks within each domain have been modified, added, or removed.

To view all the changes in detail, see the Exam Content Outline.

Here’s an outline of added tasks: 

Domain 1   

 Initiating the Project   3 tasks added – task 2, task 7, task 8

Domain 2

 Planning the Project   1 Task added – Task 13

Domain 3

 Executing the Project   2 Tasks added – Task 6, Task 7

Domain 4

 Monitoring and controlling the project  2 Tasks added – Task 6, task 7

Domain 5

 Closing the project No new tasks added


Note: You can visit the exam hub to find more details about the change. Remember, 11 January is the last day to take the current exam.


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