PRINCE2 – A Closer Look at How to Get Certified

Review PRINCE2 examination questions of past years;Providing comprehensive methodologies for the integration of project management documentation, processes, roles, responsibilities and practices across major industries and businesses (globally), PRINCE2 is fast becoming an indispensible tool for successful projects. Aspirants looking towards embarking on its certification path have to undertake two steps: PRINCE2 Foundation Module, followed by the PRINCE2 Practitioner Course.
PRINCE2 Foundation Examination:
The Foundation training succeeds in providing an introduction to PRINCE2 and encompasses PRINCE2 methodology, processes and terminology. Imparted in either the self paced eLearning format or as instructor led sessions, this course helps in preparing managers, professionals and others for the Foundation examination-- which is a multiple choice test that lasts for an hour. The PRINCE2 Foundation certification is assigned to all successful examinees. 
Those who qualify in the Foundation exam confirm that they have sufficient knowledge as well as understanding of various PRINCE2 principles and methods. They are capable of working as a member of, or with, an established project management team that’s within an environment that supports PRINCE2. A certification in the Foundation course is an important pre-requisite for getting qualified as a Practitioner. 
Format of the Foundation Examination:
In the Foundation examination, candidates can expect:
  • Multiple choice format of questions;
  • 75 questions in each paper;
  • 5 questions that are for trial and are not counted in scores;
  • A 70 marks paper which requires a total of 35 marks (50 percent) for passing;
  • Closed book exam.
PRINCE2 Foundation Syllabus:
To enable professionals to act as informed members of project management teams that use the PRINCE2 methodology, they have to go through the entire syllabus of the Foundation course. This enables them to:
  • Describe the seven principles, seven processes, seven themes and the major content/ purpose of all roles.
  • State the differentiation between the inputs/outputs of management products from the seven processes.
  • State the key contents and main purpose of major management products.
  • Define the relationships between deliverables, processes, roles as well as the management dimensions of specific projects.
Who is this Course for? 
  • Experienced and new project staff;
  • Consultants/contract staff that operate in a PRINCE2 environment;
  • Project Managers;
  • Program Managers;
  • Team Managers and their support staff;
  • Staff operating in an established PRINCE2 environment.
Even though it is important for candidates to have an understanding of Project Management, no formal pre-requisites are associated with the Foundation qualification.
PRINCE2 Practitioner Examination:
Training modules for PRINCE2 Practitioner is linked with the practical application and processes of PRINCE2, covers allied projects, deals with project issues and serves as the final step in this field. Again, it can either be done in the form of self paced eLearning or instructor led training courses. The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is awarded to those who manage to pass this exam in a successful way. 
The entire purpose of qualifying as a Practitioner confirms that a professional has achieved sufficient knowledge and understanding of how to tailor and apply PRINCE2 in a specific scenario or situation. 
Format of the Examination:
In the Practitioner examination, candidates can expect:
  • Objective testing;
  • 8 questions  with 10 sub-questions in each paper, each one worth one mark;
  • A 80 marks paper which requires a total of 44 marks (55 percent) for passing;
  • No additional time for reading, in the examination that last 2.5 hours;
  • Open book exam (only PRINCE2 manual-official is permitted).
PRINCE2 Practitioner Syllabus:
The syllabus of this PRINCE2 certification is designed to help professionals apply PRINCE2 to non-complex projects running within an environment supported by the same. This enables them to:
  • Produce explanations of the principles, processes and themes in details as well as specific circumstances of given project scenarios; and understand the relationships between the same.
  • Demonstrate that they can analyze and explain the reasons behind these principles, processes, themes of PRINCE2 and their elements. 
  •  Fine tune PRINCE2 to various project circumstances.
In order to take the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination, it’s important to provide evidence of having passed one of the following:
Preparation for PRINCE2 Practitioner Examinations
Passing PRINCE2 serves to be less daunting if one is better prepared. These exam preparation techniques help in passing these examinations in an easier way. Candidates should:
  • Practice random PRINCE2 examination questions under PRINCE2 exam center circumstances, in a prescribed time;
  • Use the ILX Group curriculum examination simulator
  • Know the PRINCE2 course material;
  • Practice using similarly formatted sample questions in a practice session that serves as a feedback loop;
  • Revise with carefully made summary notes and condensed versions of their class notes/ readings.
PRINCE2 --Foundation and Practitioner Certification:
There are back-to-back training sessions held for interested candidates who desire to gain certifications in PRINCE2 Foundation as well as Practitioner. These modules are designed to impart rapid progression and allow aspirants to avail the Practitioner certification straight away. These courses are quite challenging and require the right guidance and training for success. 
PRINCE2 Re-registration Examination:
It’s essential for all PRINCE2 Practitioners to get themselves registered within 3-5 calendar years of gaining their original certification.
Format of the Re-Registration Examination :
  • Objective testing
  • 3 questions  with 10 sub-questions in each paper, each one worth one mark;
  • A 30 marks paper which requires a total of 17 marks (55 percent);
  • 1 hour (60 minute) duration, with no additional time for reading;
  • Open book exam (official PRINCE2 manual permitted only).
PRINCE2 Professional Certification:
Going a step further, the PRINCE2 Professional serves to be the next PRINCE2 qualification for Practitioners looking towards demonstrating their expertise in a more advanced way. This level of certification tests their ability to manage a PRINCE2 project across each and every aspect of its lifecycle. Based on a project case study (fictional), this course encompasses several training exercises and group activities; with the assessment being performed against individual performance criteria (19). Here, no written examination is conducted for awarding the PRINCE2 Professional certification. 
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