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Project Communication Process

Project Communication Process

Communication plays a pivotal role in project management. An effective communication mechanism helps project managers to communicate with all the team members who are part of the project. Project communication process includes a set of procedures that are followed everytime a formal communication process is initiated within a company. An efficient communication process helps project managers to identify information that has to be sent and also decide on the audience who will be receiving this information. After the process of identifying the audience, project managers have to decide on the format of the information and schedule a time to pass the information to team members and stakeholders. By doing this, stakeholders will regularly receive updates on project status which is an important activity of project managers. They can also use status reports and conduct meetings with the associates on periodical basis to share project status information. An effective communication process provides regular updates on the status of the project as well as its performance capacity to the team members and stakeholders.


Project Communication Process


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