Should I put ‘PMP’ next to my name on my signature?

The PMP is an extremely challenging and time-consuming endeavor. However, it is justified because once you pass the exam and receive the certification many doors fling themselves open for you. It is a widely recognized and reputed professional credential and it is quite natural that somebody who has passed this exam would want the whole world to know about the achievement. Many people must be going through the social dilemma of whether they should put the title ‘PMP’ after their name wherever they write it (like doctors do for example MBBS or MD). 

The reasons for wanting to put it after your name are pretty easy to identify with; the newly-anointed PMP wants everybody to acknowledge the hard work and effort he has put in to increase his level of knowledge and further his professional opportunities. He could receive the respect and adoration of his peers as well as the attention and admiration of his boss. However, that is not always the case. The people in your workplace could just as easily interpret your enthusiasm to display your name as vanity and this could work against you as well. There is a time to show off your credentials/titles and other times you should just be you. Who knows? Maybe your name in all its simplicity is the ideal brand for who you are and who you want to be. Make your superiors attribute their praise towards you instead of towards your title. Show your class with a humility that speaks of you as a leader who gets the attention of his colleagues with his dedication to his work rather than trying to make them fawn over your attractive titles.

Sorry if I was too harsh with my over-zealous opinion of displaying your PMP title! I am simply trying to highlight what could be the reaction in its worst-case scenario. By no means do you have to shut-up about attaining the certification because there are many other ways by which you can bring it to light. The most common ways to professionally advertise yourself would be to actively highlight the PMP title on your resume (most importantly) as well as incorporate it into your business cards, email signatures and letter heads. This way your initial agenda is the business you are conducting, whether it be meeting a professional for the first time and giving him your business card or sending a group email to your project team. The point of the communication is not to advertise your PMP but it is definitely noticed and acknowledged by them. Remember- ‘subtlety’ is the watchword, and whichever way you decide to portray yourself CONGRATULATIONS on passing the PMP once again!

Author : Lisa Findlay

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