Top 5 New Year Resolutions For Project Managers

New Year resolutions is an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice. We make these resolutions to make improvements in our day to day life routines. A new year resolution can be anything, it can be regarding health, quitting bad habits, education, etc. As we make new year resolutions to improve our lifestyle, it is equally important to make new year resolutions to improve our careers as well. 
In this aggressive market, companies are always looking to stay ahead of their competitors, and for this, organizations are hiring project managers who have the ability to manage multiple projects at a time.

Though this is a good thing that project managers hold the ability of managing multiple projects at same time but it is also one of the causes for project failures. So it is always advisable that project managers take up one project at a time and focus completely on one single project. It will also give them time to spend with the team members, and also know them better. Interaction with the team members is also important for project managers as it would give them an opportunity to know about their strengths and weaknesses. 

Listed below are few new year resolutions that every project manager should consider in order to make 2016 a year of excellence in project management.

Resolution 1: Assigning Job To The Right Person

As we need right tools to complete a job successfully, it is also important that the job is assigned to the right person. Before assigning a job, it is important that  the job is delegated to the right team member. It is even more important that the project is assigned to the right project manager. A project manager can be assessed by his experience in similar projects and also his familiarity with the subject knowledge.

Resolution 2: Better Communication

Good communication skills are mandatory for project managers. Project managers devise and implement good project communication mechanism for communication between team members and stakeholders. Project managers must ensure that the information regarding project progress and updates is given to the team members and stakeholders.
Without a good communication plan or system projects are doomed to failure.  

Resolution 3: Managing Company's Expectations

Project managers are considered as the spearheads of a company. They are responsible for project completion in a flawless manner. They help organizations in meeting their goal and objectives. In simple words they carry the face of the company. So it is important that the project managers meet the expectations of the company. Project managers must also make sure that the project is approved by the stakeholders.In the absence of a written approval, it is advisable for the project managers not to take any initiative. 

Resolution 4: Collaboration 

It is important that the project managers collaborate with their team members. Project managers can part their knowledge and their experiences with the team members. By sharing their experiences with their team members, the team members can learn good lessons and it will also be useful for them in their future endeavors. Project managers have to collaborate not only with the team members , but also with other individuals like industry experts, project directors, and other officials who are exposed to working on different kinds of projects. By collaborating with such people project managers will also get better ideas and they can plan and implement these ideas accordingly.

Resolution 5: Better Role Model

Project managers have to play multiple roles.They have to be a role model, they should also play the role of a good friend and peer for their team members. This will build confidence in their team members as they can rely on their project manager if they face any kind of issues in the workplace. Project managers have to take an nitiative in fulfilling the project goals and objectives. Project managers should always back their team, and also face the criticism on behalf of the team. To deliver the project successfully to the client requires complete team effort.So it is important that the complete team contributes for the success of the project and complete their given tasks in the specified time period.


These new year resolutions should be considered by the project managers for enhancing their productivity at the workplace. Following these resolutions will increase the chances of the success of a project .

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