Top 6 Skills Necessary For Project Teams

When we speak about efficiency and skills project managers take the center stage. Yes, it is important that project managers must be efficient and skilled to steer the project towards successful completion, but it is equally important that the team members of the project must be skilled and efficient. The success of any project is not always the responsibility of a project manager, but it is also important that the team members also share the same responsibility. In simple words it is not a one man show, on the contrary, a complete team effort is required for completing project in time. 

A project team must have certain qualities and skills in order to ensure that the project is completed successfully. Generally, an IT project team is a combination of developers, programmers, engineers, analysts, QA specialists and technical writers, and each individual has a different role in the project, but one thing that is common in all the team members is that they strive towards successful delivery of the project. In this article, we will be focusing on seven skills that your team needs to be a top-performer.

1. Basic project management knowledge

In this competitive era, it has become essential that the team members also possess knowledge of project management. By garnering knowledge on project management, team members become more efficient as they are aware of all the project management methodologies.Team members need to acquire knowledge about project management skills such as Scheduling, Estimation, Task management, and Basic analytics. This  would help the project managers as they don’t have to conduct separate training sessions for their team members. But it is advisable that project managers or top management officials do this on a periodic basis, as the team members will learn about the latest updates in the project management methods and strategies. This will ultimately enhance  their skill levels and helps them to deliver better outputs.

2. Problem-solving skills

It is essential that the project team members also develop their problem-solving skills. This skill is essential because it will help them in solving issues that arise in complex projects. For this, it is advisable that the team members refer  to various project documents and make a note of how the project team members resolved issues in their project. By studying documents of similar projects, team members will learn how those project teams mitigated those issues.

3. Conflict resolution skills

It is very important that there is a harmonious relationship among the team members. The absence of harmonious environment in the project team would give rise to a number of issues. It is the responsibility of the project manager that all the team members work as a team rather than individuals. For this, the project managers must possess knowledge about good conflict-resolution skills.

4. Team Conversation

By carrying out regular conversations with the team members, project managers can create a healthy team environment. Team members also have to make regular conversations among themselves, as this will help them gain better understanding among themselves. In simple words, regular team conversations is important for the progress of any project.

5. Risk management

Earlier risk management was the complete responsibility of  project managers. But now this responsibility is also shared by the team members. By sharing this responsibility among the team members, they feel more responsible while doing their tasks as they are also accountable for the activities and tasks they perform. By doing this , team members will gain complete knowledge about the project and will also be able to ascertain potential threats that might affect their tasks and ultimately the project progress. 

6. Customer management skills

It is important that every team member should possess an elementary customer management skills. They must have some communication proficiency so that they can also be able to work directly with clients and answer any of their questions.


Project management skills are not only becoming mandatory for project managers alone, but they are equally important for the team members as well. These skills help the team members in gaining a good understanding and  phases involved in delivering the project successfully. Some organizations are making  it mandatory that team members possess knowledge of project management principles to get best out of their employees.

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