Why You Need Both MS Project And PMP

The training combo of MS Project and PMP Training is much in demand. Read about why Microsoft Project should form an essential inclusion in your efforts for gaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.

You have come across the features of a Microsoft Project & PMP Training Combo Course and are wondering about the role of MS Project for your career graph- right? Well, before you start putting two and two together, let’s tell you why you need to complement your project management skills with ‘Microsoft Project’ – the leading project management software in the prevailing scenario. Here, we discuss the importance of MS Project and why it is relevant to your career graph strategies too.

Why is Project Management Software Knowledge Essential?

Regardless of the size or nature of projects that you are managing, you can dramatically improve upon the productivity of the same by integrating various project management software features and options. From scheduling to resource assignments, cost control, budget management, quality management, processes for tracking progress, report generation and more…..A feature-rich project management software like MS Project would do it all. 

What is MS Project?

Sold by Microsoft, this software application is a repository of important project management tools which has several versions to its credit. With prior training in MS Project, users can:

  • Decipher as well as control the schedules and finances of their ongoing projects.

  • Present and communicate all relevant project information in uncomplicated and user-friendly ways. 

  • Ably organize their team and work modules to ensure that the projects are completed on time. 

Overview of MS Project

Microsoft Project helps project managers to add project tasks as inputs (referred to as WBS or work breakdown structure) that are in turn allocated to workers (also called resources) along with the related cost information. MS Project helps in the creation of reports for communicating the progress and status of any project. Candidates aspiring for PMP Certification courses usually add MS Project to their curriculum after taking a look at the versions in circulation; especially those in use at the companies they wish to target in future. 

The MS Project versions doing the rounds in 2016 are:

Project Standard 2016

Allows single users to create reports for measuring project progress. It communicates all project details with stakeholders and team members.

Project Professional 2016

Along with all features of Project Standard 2016, this version delivers collaboration capabilities for timely completion of projects. It includes the features of SharePoint or Office 365 to allow its users to work from anywhere.

Project Pro for Office 365

Allows for subscription via Office 365 and provides the latest version of MS Project Professional. It can be updated automatically and allows users to work from any computer, courtesy its feature to stream Project on Demand on the desktop client.

Project Lite

It is useful for projects managed with Project Server or Project Online. Project Lite helps team members add issues / risks, access timesheets, collaborate from anywhere, manage tasks, etc.

Project Online

Offers flexible online solutions for everyday work and project portfolio management (PPM). It is delivered via Office 365 and facilitates project startups, prioritization of project portfolio investments, and delivery of intended business value. Users may use this version on the move, and from any device.

Project Server 2016:

It is an on-premises solution that enables portfolio management (PPM) users complete their daily tasks effectively and in time. It helps project participants, team members, and strategy makers to initiate their activities, prioritize their project portfolio investments and gain business from anywhere. This MS Project version needs SharePoint 2016 for rendering its functions.

Way Forward

As you say “yes” to any ‘MS Project and Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification’ program,  rest assured that the MS Project syllabus will give you access to the knowledge and tools required for performing as a seasoned project manager – that too in the MNC of your choice!

Go for it.

Microsoft Project And PMP Training Combo

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