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The Six Sigma Green belt ( SSGB ) Certified are the employees who get an introduction to the tools and techniques by which they can improve the process in the organization. It is a disciplined methodological approach by which we can eradicate the defects in all the processes from product to the service. A Six Sigma Green Belt Certified should know many things which play a vital role. Let us discuss the points which should be known by a Six Sigma Green Belt Certified :
You can gain valuable experience by becoming a SSGB Certified:
Being a SSGB Certified you will be able to get a knowledge of many tools and techniques which will help you  in building confidence. This will give you great experience and will help in sorting out the problems or defects in the project and also in all the process levels.
It shows you a new way of doing business:
Six Sigma Green Belt shows you a new method and new process of doing business which will improve your business process and also remove the defects from the process.
Every Company does not have the same requirements of the Six Sigma :
The Six Sigma requirements for each company are different. The companies look for different fields in Six Sigma. They will qualify you on different basis like completing a project in Six Sigma Green belt, passing the written test which may be online or paper based, etc.
You may get extra incentives on becoming a SSGB Certified:
In some companies you may be evaluated on your certification basis. If you have completed your certification in SSGB then your may get incentive or it may be counted in your performance appraisal.
SSGB Certification can be online or classroom sessions:
Your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification can be completely online or completely classroom session or a mixture of both. As for example you have some sites which provide you online as well as classroom trainings like GreyCampus. They provide you SSGB Certifications in both Online and Classroom mode.
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SSGB certified work in their own area:
The Green Belt Certified people work on projects which are of their own functional area. Where as Black Belt Certified people work on different projects in cross functional areas.
Reduce the level of defects from each level in the organization:
The SSGB Certified reduce the defects from each level in the project and reduce a lot of headache from their superior and subordinate's head, which in turn makes the project run smoothly.
SSGB enables a person to know the finance basics:
If you are not a finance person then you should be happy that SSGB takes you through all the equations of finance and gives you a basis of finance which will help you understand and know the budget related to the project.
The SSGB Certified has got a lot of responsibilities which they have to go through in order to maintain the seamless flow of communication in all the levels of management so that the project runs smoothly and there is no communication gap.

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