Quick Tips To Enhance Productivity In LSS Projects

Managing a project is something that requires good analytical to ensure that the project is headed to a timely completion. For this to happen project managers have to acquire all the resources beforehand to ensure that the project is completed in time and also match the specifications mentioned by the client or customer. Project managers can make use Lean Six Sigma methods and techniques for smoother project flow and completion. In this infographic we will focus on the Lean Six Sigma techniques that can be used project management.

Tip 1: Time Investment

Project managers have to complete all the groundwork before the project is initiated. They have to accumulate all the resources required for project completion.
Tip 2: Team Selection

Project managers have to select right team members. They have to select members on the basis of their experience with similar kind of projects or people who have good knowledge on technologies required for project completion.
 Tip 3: Avoid Multitasking

It is recommended that project managers work on one single project at a time. This will help them to completely focus on the project.
Tip 4: Focus On Work

It is important that the project managers do not encourage social media sites on the workplace as they tend to deviate team members attention from work.
Tip 5: Stakeholders Support

Project managers must provide timely reports to the stakeholders as they will have complete knowledge about project progress. Project managers must also report about discrepancies in the project in order get complete support from the stakeholders.


Lean Six Sigma Techniques

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