Six Sigma and its Levels

Six Sigma is a model which is used by many companies today when facing a quality issue. Many a times the business owners cannot figure out what went wrong with their company; they need a neutral view to be able to change, improve, and progress the mistake.

Quality! Can be of a product or a service it is highly necessary when it comes to the success or failure of a business. There could be a number of reasons for low quality, and it is a tedious job to try and figure out where the issue lies.

All of these reasons causing low quality have individual governing factors and each one needs to be analyzed for its flaws within itself.  It is easy to point fingers at others, here is where the Six Sigma comes in hand in assisting businesses to find the reasons for poor quality first, and then how to help them fix the problem, and finally, help them to maintain the changes that they have implemented.

Within Six Sigma, there are three levels.

1. Black Belt professionals run the show, oversee the entire project, running the project and oversee the entire project plan

2. Green Belt professionals are one step below the Black Belt. They often have enough experience to work as the lead on a project otherwise they act as a middleman between the Black and Yellow level professionals.

3. Yellow Belt professionals analyze and collect all the data they can find, and discuss the results with the Green Belt professional, who will then perform a diligent analysis and show the results of this data to the Black Belt professional. All of the information is analyzed by all members of the Six Sigma team.

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