Six Sigma Yellow belt - Is it right for you?

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is meant for those who are new to the Six Sigma world and require an overview of Six Sigma and DMAIC. It is intended for entry-level employees who have a small role, interest or need to develop foundational knowledge. The certification concentrates on the concept and usage of Six Sigma tools and methodologies within an organization. 

Yellow Belt graduates play a supportive role in the Six Sigma process and contribute a lot to a company. These professionals gather enough data and allow other Yellow Belts to gain knowledge and know-how in the problem-solving practice. Yellow Belt certified professional have the job of tracing, governing and watching out for possible financial loss in any area of the company, and report the same to Green Belts and Black Belts residing within the company. 

Required Experience

To achieve the Yellow Belt designation, one has to understand the approach of implementing metrics and methods. This will help an organization to set their goals and meet customer expectations within the culture of the organization.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification requires one year of work experience, full time & a paid role in one or more areas of the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Body of Knowledge. No educational waivers. Paid interns or any other stream work cannot be applied.

It is mandated for each certification candidate to pass written examination consisting of multiple choice questions.  It is offered in the English language only.

Exam Format - 

  • Multiple Choice question

  • 40 questions for the exam

  • One positive mark for every correct answer

  • No negative marks for wrong answers

  • 60 minutes duration

  • 28 questions to be correctly answered to pass

  • Online un-proctored exam

Training course
Yellow Belt training can be obtained online from third-party organizations. It is available to employees as a part of Six Sigma implementation.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt training program allows training professionals to have a more deep understanding of process improvement via process management introduction. In an organization, the person who has a Yellow Belt certification act as an SME or subject matter expert and  becomes a valuable player within a company’s larger goals and objectives. They also may be responsible for managing smaller improvement projects for process mapping. They are trained to use the PCDA method - Plan, Do, Check, and Act. This will train them in recognizing areas around the business that need enhancement in efficiency.

Studies have shown that professionals those who have completed a Six Sigma training and certification program can not only increase their earning potential but can be better able to attain their career goals.

Six Sigma methodologies instantly increase organizations marketability by learning their business-wide, process improvement method. The course is designed for those individuals who want to become stronger contributors to a Six Sigma organization or those who want to be able to evaluate the benefit of bringing Six Sigma into their business.  

You should register for Yellow Belt Training & Certification if you want to have a high-level, awareness training that teaches you the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma process improvement. After completing the course, you’ll understand how Lean Six Sigma can transform your workplace or home.

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