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Plan Stakeholder Engagement

Plan Stakeholder Management process involves managing stakeholder expectations which influence throughout the lifecycle of the project. This process provides a plan to interact effectively with stakeholders and support projects interest. Project Managers goal is to plan these actions well that they impact the contribution of stakeholders on projects, manage their expectations and also achieve project objectives.

Inputs for Plan Stakeholder Management

The inputs required to plan stakeholder management include:

  • Project Management Plan:

This Plan describes the processes which can be applied at each stage of the project, contains the description of how work will be executed, planning and execution of human resources, change management procedure.

  • Stakeholder Register:

  • It provides the description of the interest, involvement, and level of authority of different stakeholders

  • Enterprise Environmental Factors

  • Organizational culture, structure, political climate are critical to managing stakeholders expectations

  • Organizational Process Assets

  • Lessons learned from previous projects and historical information of the organization helps in understanding the behavior of stakeholders and thus planning the actions effectively

Outputs of Plan Stakeholder Management

Plan Stakeholder Mangement is a component of the Project Management Plan. The plan articulates management strategies to engage stakeholders for the project. Unlike procurement management, the stakeholder management plan can be formal or informal, it can be detailed to the minutest level or it can just be at a higher level, it is based on the needs of the project. When updating the stakeholder management plan, the validity of underlying assumptions will be reviewed to ensure the accuracy and relevancy. Another output of Plan Stakeholder Management are the updates to project documents that include project schedule and stakeholder register.

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