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JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language. It is designed for creating network-centric applications. In this course you will learn how to generate dynamic web pages.

JavaScript is considered as a powerful language for programming on the web.

This certification course covers topics such as data encapsulation, closures, binding, inheritance, and namespacing. This course also teaches you how to create interactive web pages using third-party JavaScript libraries. This course ensures that you have sound knowledge on JavaScript language, and you will be able to work with frameworks such as Angular and node.js.

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Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to client side scripting

2. Syntax Basics

  • JavaScript Statements

  • JavaScript Comments

  • JavaScript Variables

  • JavaScript Datatypes

3. JavaScript Operators

4. JavaScript Comparisons

5. JavaScript Conditional Statements

6. JavaScript Loops

7. JavaScript Events

8. JavaScript Objects

  • String Functions (Most Used)

  • JavaScript Math Functions (Most Used)

  • JavaScript Date Functions (Most Used)

  • JavaScript Array Functions and Property (Most Used) MagDiSoft Web Solutions

9. JavaScript User Defined Functions

10. JavaScript Implementations

  • Implementing a Simple Calculator Using Javascript

  • JavaScript Validations using Object Functions

  • S Validations using Regular Expressions

11. JavaScript Document Object Model

  • Introduction



  • DOM Events

12. JavaScript Browser Object Model

  • JavaScript Cookies

  • JavaScript Window

  • JavaScript Location

  • JavaScript Popups

  • JavaScript Time

Course Objectives

  • Helps you validate and edit fields in web forms

  • Shows you how to create interactive web pages

  • Teaches you how to handle events

  • Shows you how to perform arithmetic and date calculations

  • Shows you how to process text and apply regular expressions

  • Tells you how to use cookies and hidden fields to preserve state information


Q. What are the pre-requisites?

A. You require some basic knowledge about HTML.