Strong knowledge about ITIL terminologies and definitions.

ITIL has got many definitions and terminologies which are frequently asked in the foundation exams. So you have to be careful and strong with the terms and definitions that are mentioned in ITIL.

For example questions are asked like "What process in ITIL?" So you have to be particular about the terms.

Selection of a good trainer

Before starting with the preparations you should have 2-3 days of thorough classroom training from a trainer who will explain you about the entire course keeping in mind the Foundation Exams.

Through Revision

The ITIL Foundation exam will be a big challenge for you if you are not clear with your course material. It will churn your mind if you have not gone through the course material. So before appearing for the foundation exams go through the course material thoroughly and have a proper revision.

Practice the Sample question sets

The practice sample question booklets come with separate question and answer set so you can practice the questions without looking at the answers. You can have a real time exam experience while solving the paper.

Later on you can take a look at the answer booklet and check for the wrong answers and correct your mistakes.

Giving Mock Exams

Try to appear for mock test and score more than 26 out of 40.This will give you confidence before appearing for the final ITIL exam.

Appear for easy questions first

Always appear the easy questions first, it will give you confidence and create less anxiety.


Do not lose your momentum and delay for the exams. Give your exams as soon as your training ends because you will have fresh stuff in your mind. People delay in giving exam saying that they want to go through the course content and understand the subject matter.

It is best if you appear for your final exams within a week or two after your training session it will keep things fresh in your mind.


The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of best IT practices that are designed to provide a quality IT service Management for an organization. It is being utilized by almost all professionals in the world as it gives guide as to how an organization is designing, operating and maintaining its IT services. It covers the entire Service lifecycle in five stages namely

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

The main objective of Service Management is to check whether the IT services are aligned to the business or not and if they are an active part of the organization or not. It is generally implemented by the organizations when an organization plans for a change. This process is the most effective way to implement changes in the IT services as it involves standardized methods and procedures to effectively take up any IT infrastructure changes. ITIL ensures that the organization follows the procedures so that it gives a predictable result.

The organizations that use IT depend on it to be successful. If the IT services are managed and supported in the proper way then it will take the organization to greater heights.


Ability to resist in changing business world

It provides many techniques to adapt to the changes that come into action in the business world. The Continual Service Improvement stage if the ITIL tells us about how an organization can adapt itself to the changing business environment.


The organizations that do not follow a sequential order or a process based approach, generally end up with low quality and higher cost services. ITIL gives a particular set of process that follows a sequence which in turn brings a consistency in the organization.

Better Customer Service

The IT services generally face problem with the customer support team. With ITIL they can respond to their requests and also ensure that the requests are managed properly and effectively with a lower cost to provide services and at a higher quality rate.


Responsibility means being answerable to someone for something. In other words responsibility is accountability which means in an organization the work should not be handed over from one person to another. If an organization will lack accountability then the quality of service that it provides will degrade.

ITIL encourages effective communication and also clearly defines the roles of the employees who is accountable for what which reduces the moving of the requests of customers throughout the organization.


  • The ITIL Foundation exam consists of a set of 40 questions to be answered and the time allotted is 60 minutes.
  • Each question will have 4 options.
  • A candidate has to get 26 questions correct out of 40 to pass the foundation level examination and get ITIL certified.
  • There is no negative marking in the exam.
  • The exam tests the level of understanding you have not the level of memorizing power you have.
  • It depends on how well you have understood the concepts not about which correct option you choose.


ITIL Foundations is an important certification for the IT Professionals and employees who are looking forward to a better career in IT and want to get more knowledge in IT. All organizations are following the ITIL process to adapt to the changes in the business world. ITIL Foundation is just a start of a long journey. 

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