How to Successfully Map Project Goals with CMDB Benefits

Goals and Objectives

This process includes mapping the objectives & problems recognized in the earlier steps with the distinct advantages estimated from the CMDB project. By organizing the whole processes, the CMDB can be useful in providing more reliable services to the business. One thing to keep in mind is that the important users, process owners, stakeholders & project sponsors must be involved by mapping issues to goals & further to distinct advantages, so that you will also receive the trust of the user. At the end of this step, you can have detailed information & reports to support & build your business case.


If you are deploying ITIL, just look for V3 service management lifecycle. All of the procedures described deal with one or more of the service lifecycle stages. So you need to be able to highlight the advantages of your CMDB project in order to get funded. CMDB project may be a win-win situation for your project team but many effective project proposals don’t get passed & funded. To build a solid & clear business case study, you must map the objectives discussed in the previous step titled “Create and Agree on CMDB Goals and Mission Statement,” to specific goals as expected.

In this stage, you will evaluate an extensive range of possible advantages of a normal CMDB project, and afterwards specialize them down to those things that relate to the precise objectives and projected effect on your project. Encourage the participation and gain the backing of the important investors who are the owners of processes that will be developed by the CMDB. It will be tough to get the project sponsored if your important project sponsors are not co-operative. Participating them initially in the project and during the course of the creation of objectives, mission, and benefits is a vital to project success.

Research Potential Benefits

A CMDB can identify a comprehensive array of possible benefits. Understanding the possible advantages will assist the CMDB project team classify the exact benefits of the CMDB project in your business as you work with important project sponsors in various IT functions. You need to know how the CMDB works and develops common project practices, so that you can communicate the advantages of a CMDB as they align to your precise objectives.


In a broad view, the advantages of a CMDB are linked to comprehensive access to statistics. The CMDB helps to combine and join figures that formerly was spread across the IT business. Through an integrated CMDB, the project will link those who use statistics with those who generate the statistics.

The CMDB also supports develop data precision. The constant gathering, understanding, and preservation of CI data make the facts reliable and operational. Having backup practices in hand is required. Recognizing vendors of precise types of CI data is also helpful. In conclusion, a coalesced CMDB can deliver statistics to develop current practices and also allow new capabilities that were not earlier possible with dissimilar data stores.

Author : Arunavo Banerjee

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