Harmonizing business with Enterprise Service Management using ITIL v3

Enterprise service management (ESM) is the set of ITIL-aligned tools, processes, procedures and people that ensure IT services are directly linked to the needs and objectives of the business.
In Today’s enterprise world, organizations are held up with complex and inefficient business processes. The reason for this been as large enterprises needs to cater the diverse service needs of multiple departments, groups, and users both within and outside the organization. Any delay or hindrance in the internal process can adversely impact the business. The unstructured way of addressing the service needs results in unnecessary loss of productivity, increase the cost and poor quality timeliness to the customer.
It is very critical for organizations to increase operational efficiency, ensure optimum productivity is achieved and end user service deadlines are met in a timely manner. Enterprise Service Management (ESM), a process based platform intended to align the delivery of services to cater business needs. By moving to a managed service environment, IT can effectively provide information to the consumers and can lay a foundation for delivery of innovative technologies. ESM creates an environment in which IT keeps pace with market development and proactively participates in the core decisions of the enterprise.
ESM is a complete set of collaborative process, defined with an idea of integrating all processes onto one platform, hence improving the organizational efficiency by changing how work gets done. It provides the tools and applications to harmonize the business operations while minimizing cost and maximizing service delivery and customer satisfaction. ESM model is relevant in the high tech business environment and has produced significant benefits in different domains of health care, banking, insurance, telecom, retail, energy, defense, transportation, etc.
An ESM approach using ITIL v3 is the best way to create business values from information technology. ITIL is a good starting point, but to truly integrate people, processes, and technology, adopting a holistic ESM approach is needed. You can apply the ITIL framework to your specific business and IT environment by thinking in terms of people, processes, technology and strategy. ESM with ITIL promises effective and efficient delivery of IT services. Even the best service management suite of tools is only as good as the people who deploy it.
IT has technical know-how capabilities and technologies that can support the implementation of service management. Amongst number tools and platforms available in the business market, Service now is one of the new and advanced technology through which ESM can be implemented. It is a cloud-based solution provider, which allows an organization to develop a consistent approach for the delivery of services. It offers a wide range of integrated services that can synergize all business activities throughout its service lifecycle i.e. from strategy to deployment. The applications are built on a single, flexible cloud platform as a service, enabling IT to minutely monitor its performance.
By focusing on ESM, organizations are, therefore, beginning to realize that they are moving forward with technology that thrive them to sustain in this uncertain competitive business environment.

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