IT Analytics – Solution that turns ITSM information into insight

Turning the raw data into real, actionable insight is the most important aspect of ITSM implementation in an organization. IT analytics solution provides the visibility you need to optimize the delivery of service and better align IT with the business.

To find a right solution, it is important to prioritize your requirements which will help you to drive a right decision. IT analytics solution is specifically for IT service management (ITSM) to support complete analysis, monitoring and management of information.

The attributes for a great IT analytics reporting solution are – 

1. Intuitive 
The solution should have an ease of use. It should have an ability to effortlessly navigate through data to uncover actual and meaningful insights. The users should be able to derive insights from data quickly.

2. Powerful
Too much power is also dangerous. It has to be carefully used to understand the problems the developers are facing and be precise & clear on how this particular solution can solve the issue. 

3. Actionable 
Actionable data makes data relevant and functional. An analytics solution should be able to filter the unwanted data from the broad dataset and link the useful data together. 

4. Social
Results generated in the form of reports and dashboards are consumed by a number of people. The analytic tool should help users to communicate and converse about the meaningful data whenever and wherever they want.  

Objectives of IT Analytics solution

Insightful key performance indicators (KPIs), role-based dashboards, and flexible analysis are required to enable optimum management of IT services. Though every ITSM tool offers its own evaluation options, it does not give you a full overview or complete transparency of cross-system processes and correlating data from different source systems. An effective IT analytic solution is required to evaluate the huge amount of IT data.  BI-oriented techniques for IT require a high cost for setting up a data warehouse. 

IT Analytic solution aims at -  

  • Central View of IT Services
    IT analytic solution helps an organization to keep an eye on performance-critical KPIs for IT service by providing central of all its relevant data on IT services, such as service availability, number of incidents, service costs, data on customer satisfaction, SLA violations, etc.
  • Role-based dashboards
    The solution provides the information in an aggregated form by the use of dashboards and reports.  This enables better decision-making and so more efficient controlling of IT operations. With Insightful evaluations, it keeps you informed of the current status and enable you to detect emerging trends and weak points.
  • Reliable Decisions
    The solution provides predefined KPIs to aggregate organization’s IT data. These KPI’s are based on best practices from ITIL and ISO hence making is more secure and process compliant.
  • Acts as Business Intelligence (BI) for IT
    Because of the excessive cost and lack of BI experts rolling out BI and data warehouse usually fails. An IT analytic solution extracts transforms and loads the data, an ETL functionality of BI solution. 

With ITIL IT Analytic solution, organizations can monitor and analyze the performance of the KPI’s, identify potential improvements and define and control a set of measures. It not only focuses on the performance of the indicators, but also focuses on future-oriented, planned indicators and measures to reduce active or potential problems and incident management where ever possible.


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