ITIL gives the industry best practices for the IT Service industries. Do you know that ITIL is good for you in your IT Service career or not. You will be having many queries on ITIL. Let us discuss the popular queries that people have about ITIL.
Query 1: Is ITIL only for IT people?
The full form of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) itself says it is for IT industries. If you are not having a prior IT knowledge then you will not be able to understand all the terms related to ITIL after you are ITIL Certified. The IT service industry people who have got a basic IT knowledge, they can only take advantage of an ITIL Certification.
Query 2: For whom exactly ITIL Certification is for?
ITIL Certification is for the Information Technology Service Providers, Business Managers and all the IT Directors and all the industries that depend on Information Technology.
Query 3: How many types of ITIL Certifications are there?
There are mainly stages of ITIL Certifications. They are
a) ITIL Foundation Level
b) ITIL Intermediate Level
c) ITIL Expert Level
d) ITIL Master Level
Query 4: How much work experience I need to appear for an ITIL Certification?
One can apply for ITIL Certification at any point of his or her career. There is no specific work experience required to apply for an ITIL Certification Exam. Some take up the exam after spending some years in IT Service industry and some take up after few months of joining IT Service industry.
Query 5: Do I need Training for ITIL Certification?
Training makes you more confident and it regularly reminds you about your exam. Training can help you gives shortcuts to remember terms and more clarity about basic concepts and it can provide you many sample tests to appear before you apply for your final exam. GreyCampus provides ITIL Classroom Training in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and many more places. ClickHere to know more about ITIL Foundation Classroom Training.
Query 6: How soon should I appear for my ITIL Certification exam after my training?
One should appear for ITIL Certification Exam after a week’s preparation of the training program because the subject would be fresh in the mind and you will have a good preparation for your exam also.
These are some of the commonly asked queries about ITIL Certification Exam. What is your query?

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