15 Most Reliable PMP Exam Prep Tools

PMP or Project Management Professional certification is one of the most recognized credential for any project manager. Clearing this exam shows that he/ she is highly qualified, and can lead and direct projects successfully. However, this is not an easy exam to prepare for.  The trick is not to get overwhelmed but gear up for the exams by using the right tools.  
These are some reliable tools that may help aspiring candidates like you.
The Tools:
PMP Exam Courses:
These days, there are numerous preparation courses, both online and conducted in person. Choose the one that allows you to study at your own pace; but prepares you for the D-Day really well.  Go for an exam course that will give the required 35 contact hours. 
PMP Exam Study Guides:
Guide books cover all the relevant topics that you need to know for preparing for PMP exams. The language used is simple and the concepts are explained in an easy-to-understand manner. These features make guide books a handy and valuable aid for these PMP certification exams.
In today’s world of smart-phones, there are apps for almost everything. There are apps which can help one for PMP exam preparation too. Usually formatted in the form of intellectual games, these apps teach the basics of ITTOs, different concepts with mnemonics, and other tricks.
Flash Cards:
Flash cards offer good ways of memorizing different concepts. If you like traditional ways, then you can make your own flash cards and carry them around. If you prefer learning the digital way, there are electronic cards that can be used on your phone for the purpose.
Exam simulators:
These simulators are helpful in assessing your preparedness levels for the exam, in terms of tackling time constraints and the syllabus alike. It is well advised to sign up for a professionally created simulator from any PMI Registered Education Provider. 
Internet Forums:
The forums are filled with candidates who are preparing for the exam or the ones who have cleared the same in the past. They are mostly free and provide a good platform for discussing queries or any other concerns. 
These are audio or visual based formats that are extremely popular and can be assessed even while travelling. All podcasts have a well detailed study plan mapped out and some even offer the required 35 contact hours. 
Formula Study guides:
These are quick guides to refer to all the formulae that are required for a PMP exam. Extremely good for last minute revisions, these formulae can be referred to in a short time and promise to refresh your memory in more ways than one. 
PMI chapters:
Those who have prior experience with PMP exams are often the best people to guide you when you are preparing for the same. It’s a smart step to reach out for PMI chapters in your city and consult the members who will be more than happy to help you out. 
Study groups:
Get together with a group of people who are preparing for the exam. The members of a study group keep motivating each other to prepare well and help you with all queries –efficiently and quickly.
Brain dump sheets:
This is a trick for recalling information quickly. Prepare a sheet with all the important concepts and information and practice it. Write them out over and over again till everything comes naturally to you.
Free Questions:
There are plenty of free questions online. Solving these questions will lead you a step closer in preparing for these exams—the right way!
Solving previous exam papers:
Get your hands on all the PMP exams till date and start solving them within the stipulated time. This might help you gain confidence and allow you to understand which areas need more preparation.
A mentor:
A mentor always has the best interests for the mentee. Find someone who can help and guide you in an accurate fashion, throughout the preparation period. 
PMI's Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide):
This book has everything you need to know for a PMP exam. The popularity of this oft-purchased book itself shows that it is a common and constant companion for many aspirants. You can get a free PDF copy too.
Way Forward:
It is not important that all these tools have to be used for your exam preparations. The ones that suit your immediate requirements, in the best way manner, have to be selected.
All the best!

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