5 Biggest Project Management Trends for 2015

With project managers scaling greater heights with each passing day, it’s time that organizations started adapting themselves to the ever changing workplace situations, and at the earliest. Here are the top 5 trends in project management that are impacting organizations the positive way, globally. 

More Remote Project Teams

Several cloud-based platforms and remote project management software teams are handling their client projects successfully. Geographical boundaries are no longer prevalent between client organizations and central locations designated for project scheduling, communications, information, and collaboration. These days, remote projects, outsourcing agencies and satellite offices are taking over all kinds of assignments with the help of their virtual teams of contractors and employees. With this in view, it would not be surprising if project managers strolling down rows of cubicles would become increasingly rare in the years to come. 

Its Agile all the Way, Still!

Agile—a cost-effective alternative support for project management, is still making waves with its self-organizing teams. Appealing to human requirements such as mastery, autonomy, and purpose, Agile relies on consistent feedback for its success. One of the primary benefits of Agile is its capabilities for real-time cost-cutting that’s impressing upon bottom-line conscious managers, and in many more ways than one. So, if you are one of those who grimace at the use of the term “Scrum,” do know that’s its surely here to stay!

APIs for Project Management Software gain Popularity

 2015 is witnessing an unprecedented rise of Project Management Application Programming Interfaces (APIS), and gaining in popularity on the must-have list of prospective PM software buyers. For businesses to compete in the true sense of the word, project management is now fiercely dependent on sales cycles, not traditional “project kick-off” meetings. As per experts in the field, customer relationship management (CRM) and project management platform integrations are fast bridging the gap between development/engineering and sales. This is taking place because of rapid data exchanges between primary-most business systems in most organizations globally. Overall, APIs are providing total transparency and greater compatibility between both these systems (sales and development), and how.

Big Data Analytics Dominating the Project Environment

In 2015, revolutionary Big Data trends have made their impact felt on project management too. In the coming months, it is expected to play a bigger role in executive management through intelligent cloud-based software systems. Believe it or not, cloud-based platforms are churning up large volumes of important data. This is especially helpful for project mangers looking for advanced analytics and the most powerful Big Data tools for going about their tasks. The ready inclusion of reliable data analytics is allowing them ready access to advanced project information for taking care of actionable business decisions too.

PMP Certification takes the Cake in 2015

Today, PMP Certification is becoming the go-to course for young and old project management aspirants alike. With job markets notching newer peaks with regards to PMP certification holders every day, more and more workers are gaining knowledge of the field, attaining networking opportunities, and striving to distinguish themselves in the face of harsh competition. Getting a PMP always carried much weight, but its impact is being felt on a larger scale this year. This specific trend is expected to continue for quite some years—so, in near future, do expect the project management landscape to be saturated with project managers having the coveted PMP certification in hand. 

What’s More?
The prevailing economic conditions as well as other market forces are influencing the ways in which businesses are now managing their projects. All in all, in terms of methodologies and technologies, the project management industry is evolving at a magnum rate this year. 

Wait no longer-start prepping for what’s ahead. And NOW. 


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