Bright Future with CAPM Certification

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a globally recognized project management credential. The certification works well to indicate to your prospective employers that you are well versed in global-standard project management processes and terminology to give you an advantage over other prospects.
The CAPM certification equips a person with the specialized knowledge and skill sets of project management, giving entry level personnel the opportunity to be able to share responsibilities and work load of project managers. In today’s fluid business environments, it gives individuals the competitive edge to seek employment across a variety of organizations – engineering, construction, information technology, etc. 
According to the PMI website, the benefits associated with the CAPM certification are: 
  • Skills to initiate a project
  • Project preparation and planning proficiency
  • Executing, monitoring, controlling and completing a project
  • Estimating activity costs
  • Planning for quality at every stage
  • Performing quality assurance
  • Hiring, leading and managing a project team
  • Foreseeing and planning for the unexpected
  • Proficiency in project communication
  • Ability to manage stakeholders
It is well known that the CAPM certification is a popular prerequisite among employers in search of professionals suited to project management jobs or roles. Under such requisites, this certification highlights the candidate’s ability to take on crucial project management related responsibilities. 
So, CAPM is believed to validate a candidate’s knowledge and experience in project management positions and highlight his abilities to take on the critical responsibilities. It can be said to be the gateway to a bright future in terms of: 
Appraisal in Salary:
Professionals with the CAPM certification on their CV are in a better position to command higher salaries that their counterparts without the certification. It has been observed that employers too are willing to shell out higher sums in return for the services of PMI certified CAPM professionals. According to a popular research, a CAPM certification is capable of increasing an individual’s salary by 25 percent, but the figures are subject to several other factors such as job description and the country of operation. 
Career Incentives:
The CAPM certification may sometimes work wonders for professionals willing to take on newer roles and higher responsibilities in an organization. It tends to add credibility to your overall ability as employers feel it is okay to pass on the responsibility to someone who has been globally certified for the higher project management role.
Personal Growth and High Self-Confidence:
A CAPM certification gives working professionals the confidence to face the real-time working environment as the learning material of CAPM makes them better aware of the tools of project management practices. Their knowledge and skills make them achieve a greater hold on their career and future work prospects. 
Opportunities at Global Front:
The CAPM certification is recognized all over the world making it possible for certified professionals to cash in on their qualification everywhere in the world. This also brings with itself, the opportunity to travel across the world for better job prospects in cities that have more project management jobs. As far as an overseas project management job is concerned, CAPM professionals provide a better candidature being certified in the roles that they will be required to perform. 
The High Pay Scales:
It is interesting to note that project management ranks among the best paying jobs among various platforms and especially within the management. So, project managers with CAPM can expect to earn the best in class salaries in various fields including IT, the top paying industry in this aspect. 
Wide Range of Job Profiles:
The wide range of job profiles that await a CAPM certified professional include Business Analyst Consultants, PMO Operational Support Analyst, Senior IT Technical Project Manager, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Member Relations Administrator and many more. Moreover, the certification helps the candidate become more comfortable with his profile and showcase responsible skills as an added benefit. 
With such wide-ranging impacts on the way your career will progress, the CAPM certification can be the ideal bet for you if you are looking for a substantial advancement in the project management field. With the recent advancements in job technicalities and the higher set of responsibilities for project management professionals, the CAPM certification can be said to be the right criterion for differentiation among members of project management teams across the globe and industries. 


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