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Role of a Project Manager

The role of a project manager is to manage the entire project to meet its objectives.

The roles may include:

  • Ensures professional interaction between the project team members and other stakeholders

  • Coordinates interactions between the project and key stakeholders

  • Selects appropriate processes for the project

  • Identifies and analyzes constraints and assumptions

  • Leads and directs project planning efforts

  • Identifies dependencies between activities

  • Understands and enforces professional and social responsibility

  • Identifies and delivers required levels of quality

  • Assists the team and other stakeholders during project execution

  • Develops time and cost reserves for the project

  • Maintains control over the project by measuring performance and determining if there are any variances from the plan

  • Spends more time being proactive than dealing with problems (being reactive)

  • Performs project closing at the end of each phase and for the project as a whole

  • Performs or delegates most of the project management activities

  • Overall, applies project management knowledge and uses personal and leadership skills to achieve project success

Role Of A Portfolio Manager

The portfolio manager is responsible for governance at an executive level of the projects or programs that make up a portfolio. A project is included in a portfolio based on the value of the project, the potential return on investment, whether it meets the corporate strategy, whether the level of risk associated with the project is acceptable, and other factors critical to organizational success.

The role of a portfolio manager may include:

  • Managing various projects or programs that may be largely unrelated to each other

  • Ensuring selected projects provide value to the organization

  • Working with senior executives to gather support for individual projects

  • Getting the best return from resources invested

Role Of A Program Manager

The program manager is responsible for managing a group of related projects. Projects are combined into programs to provide coordinated control, support and guidance. The program works to meet project and program goals.

The role of the program manager may include:

  • Managing related projects to achieve results not obtainable by managing each project separately

  • Ensuring selected projects support the strategic goals of the organization

  • Providing oversight to adjust projects for the programs benefit

  • Guiding and supporting individual project managers efforts

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