How To Establish A Good Communication Method?

A good communication mechanism is essential in any profession. If there is no proper communication mechanism or method then it might sometimes lead to chaotic situation. This rule applies to the teams as well. If there is no proper communication within the teams then it would affect the success of the project. If there is no proper method for communicating with the team members, then it is very much possible that they do not have appropriate knowledge about their duties and tasks. So it is important that the organizations follow a good pattern of communication in order to ensure that all the information is passed to the team members in a clear and effective manner.

In this article we will be focusing on how to create an effective communication guide and what it should include in-order to eliminate the problems that might arise due to miscommunication. 

Section One (Introduction)

The introduction space must include all the details about the project, communication mechanism, software and tools that will be used for completion of tasks. The introduction of the guide should also emphasize on  project methodologies, guidelines, and schedule. This information will give the team members a complete overview of the project and also understand the mechanism to communicate with their superiors and team members. 

Some organizations tend to skip small details, but it is important that they include every small details in the guide as the team members will have knowledge of even the minute details of the project. Team members must be have complete knowledge of their project, as it will give them a complete idea of the project and they will be able to deliver better results. If they don’t have the clarity on what to deliver then it will reflect on the quality of the final product.

Section Two (Body)

This section must include details of each aspect of a project. This section should reveal information such as, why this task is important in the project, criticality of the task, what will happen if the task is not is completed according to the norms set by the client and how it will affect the overall quality of a project. Organizations can also include some case studies, analysis, images, demographics and infographics, so that team members will get a better understanding about the subject. According to some experts, if visuals are added in the guide , it will help the readers to understand the subject in a better and faster manner. Organizations must also provide assistance to the team members if they fail to understand any concepts specified in the guide book. If possible they should also provide some training sessions on communication processes that will help their employees to improve their communication skills.

Section Three (Ending)

This section should include some motivational messages, that should encourage team members to complete their tasks in the specific time. This also shows how the team members must coordinate in case they have some difficulty in understanding the subject and get clarification on that specific topic or task.

 Body language

When communicating with the team members, it is important to maintain good body language. The team leaders must pay attention to the queries raised by team members and answer them in a polite manner. This will allow team members to express their queries without any hesitation. If the body language is not appropriate, and the team leaders show reluctance in clarifying the doubts raised by  team members, then there is a possibility that the team members commit mistakes and this would affect the overall workflow and quality of the project.

Team leads must always communicate with their team members. Apart from work communication, they should also make conversations with the team members, and know about their personal hobbies, their likes and dislikes, this would give them a better understanding about the mindset of the team team members . The team members will also be encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas about the project, which might give better ideas that will enhance the overall productivity of the team. 


Communication is important in  the success of a project, but is also equally important that the communication mechanism is effective. Organizations must ensure that they not only opt a good communication method, but  also an effective one .

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