How To Resolve Conflicts At Your Workplace

Conflicts are something which we often come across at workplace. Conflicts arise when two individuals have different opinions or expectations. It’s important that the conflicts are resolved as soon as possible for maintaining a cordial atmosphere at the workplace. For this, an efficient conflict management methods have to be employed by the organization for diffusing arguments, and disputes. Organizations must ensure that the situations do not escalate to a higher level and see that they are diffused at the initial level. In this article, we will talk about quick ways to resolve conflicts at workplace.

1. Stay Calm and Composed

When a conflict situation arises within two employees, it is important that the team leads or manager's interference and try to diffuse the situation. They have to stay calm and take the two employees to their cabin. They have to speak to them in a friendly manner so that they calm down. After they calm down, managers and team leaders must make an effort to get to the roots of the whole argument. After listening to the versions of both employees and if possible try to resolve the issues immediately if possible. In some cases, immediate solution for the problem may not be possible in such cases, team leads or managers can tell the employees that they will have a discussion with the higher officials.    

2. Listen and speak to the employees

As said earlier the senior officials have to speak to their employees in a calm and polite manner and assure them that the problem will be resolved as soon as possible. Senior officials or management have to listen to the grievances of their employees. It is very obvious that the employees try to play the blame game.The senior officials must try to diffuse the anger situation by completely paying attention to the employees until they begin to calm down. Once they are finished, top officials must build confidence in their employees that they will provide a solution to the issue at the earliest.

3. Should concentrate on the problem rather than a person

Senior officials have to target the problem instead of the person or employee. They have to address the situation in such a manner that these type of conflicts have also been addressed in the past. This is because, the employee involved in the conflict may feel that they are the first to face such situation in the organization. Usually, top officials can send such messages to the employee through emails rather than have a one on one meeting with the employee. Such methods can also help in diffusing the conflict situation. 

4. Do Not Entertain Blame Game

Senior officials must ensure that they do not entertain the blame game within the two employees, as it will only make the situation worse. Instead, they should focus on the problem and ask the employees what are their recommendations to solve the issue. After listening to their recommendations, the senior officials can offer solutions that are apt to the situation and in favor of both the employees.

5. Concentrate on future goals

A senior official must always focus on the future goals, and also ask their employees to concentrate on the work and leave all the issues to the management to resolve. By doing this, top officials will not only bring the situation under control but in a way they can ensure that the work is not affected with these conflicts.

 6. Come up with new solutions

Senior officials must devise a solution in such a manner that these issues do not arise in future and if such situations arise they can resolve it quickly and effectively. By doing so the healthy and cordial work atmosphere is not affected, and other employees will also be focused on their work.

7. Celebrate the moment

Once all the conflicts have been resolved, it will be a good idea to take the team on a lunch or a dinner as they can leave back all the bad memories behind and concentrate on their work.


Conflicts are very common at work, it is important  to understand the way to manage the conflict and avoid the argument to get snowballed into a full-blown conflict. 

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