PMI's Project Management Profession Certification is the most discussed certifications now. Almost all big companies are searching for Project Managers who are PMP Certified. So how far is PMP important for an organization or a Project Manager? Do all Project Managers need to have PMP Certification in order to run a project in an organization? Do organizations hire only PMP Certified Project Managers? Let's discuss all these.
PMP Certification is a certification which constitutes a vast course that consists of many terms and many fundamental concepts that are generally not taught in any of the management courses or any management colleges. PMI has a set of standards that gives a project manager the baseline about how to manage and approach a project. It consists of all the possible areas which come under a project management. It has got 10 Knowledge areas, 5 Process Groups and 47 processes which describes the pathway to approach a project. 
Many a time it happens that a Project Manager is not from a management background or a science background, for them a PMP course plays a vital part. At a peak in their career when they want to grow more PMP Certification helps them climb the ladder of success easily. Sometimes you are not aware of the processes that you are practicing in your organization, getting a PMP certification makes you aware of all the processes that you practice and which you can practice. During your preparation of PMP, you will come across many Processes that you never practice in your organization. You will know the usage of those processes at the time of your PMP preparation when you practically experience the situation and you can apply the processes to solve the situation. You come to many things that you do were wrong and what should actually be done. A "Project Manager" who is not PMP certified may have the soft-skills like negotiation, communication, leadership, decision making etc. but he might not have the hard-skills like project budgets, dashboards, project schedules etc which can make him a "Successful Project Manager".
As a successful Project manager you not only should have the soft skills and hard skills but you need to have the following characteristics also:
Maintain good relations with subordinates. 
  • Should help their subordinates in case of any need and should implement the PMI standards to their team in order to successfully complete a project.

Having a good rapport with everyone. 

  • Should have a good rapport with everyone in the organization so that people in the team will be ready to listen to the Project Manager and run the project accordingly.

Generate a new Product. 
  • A Project Manager can develop a new product that is unique in character and if at all its characters match with any other product then the Project Manager must have the alternatives to this problem.

Assign work to the subordinates.

  • A Project Manager must know how to tailor the work with the group and with an individual and assign them the work so that a project can run smoothly without interruptions or overlapping.

  • A PMP Certification gives you a blended course which will help you convert yourself from a Project Manager to a Successful Project Manager. It is the Certification without which the HR departments are not even going to consider your resume for a Project Manager as it has become a very essential certification for a Project Manager. PMP not only gives you a professional but also personal growth where you can develop yourself as a fruitful asset to your organization.

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