What are the job opportunities for PRINCE2 Qualified Professionals?

Recently, more and more forward thinking companies are waking up to the value and significance of efficient and systematic project management, as an organization and a communication tool. Hence, regardless of whether you are planning to step into the project management landscape all fresh or are already a project management pro, a PRINCE2 certification will boost your career growth in a phenomenal way and take you to new heights of success. 

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 (Projects in a Controlled Environment, version 2) can be defined as a structured project management technique that includes advanced level management, organization and control of a concerned project. It does not comprise of basic level activities like scheduling. The methodology offers expert guidance on initiatives that needs to be undertaken to operate a project, highlighting and understanding the reasons for running the project in a certain way. Simply put PRINCE2 is all about managing projects and not about getting the everyday work done. 

This apart, there are 7 principles of PRINCE2:

  • End-to-end business justification

  • Learning from project management experience

  • Defining the project roles and responsibilities

  • Managing through exception

  • Managing through various levels

  • Concentrating on products

  • Customizing to cater to the business environment

Benefits of PRINCE2 Certification

A PRINCE2 certification program allows managers to fine tune their project management expertise and develop a competitive advantage over others.A PRINCE2 qualified professional can grasp multiple nuances of the project management landscape better.  These include undertaking a steady approach for every project that lead to fast outputs, ensuring that a project effectively caters to client requirements, assessing the project progress at regular intervals to make necessary changes and any more.  The certification usually comprises of two core qualifications, namely the PRINCE2 Practitioner and PRINCE2 Foundation.

Roles and responsibilities for PRINCE2 qualified professionals

Simply put, there are four vital levels of any PRINCE2 project roles and responsibilities. They include:

1. Programme or corporate management - This is external to the project management team and accountable for naming the executive, project mandate as well as delineating the level of project tolerances. 
2. Project board – This is accountable for offering complete direction in which a project would move and thereby the project’s success. 
3. Project manager – This is accountable for everyday project management at an ongoing basis and within the restraints pointed out by the project board. 
4. Team members – Accountable for delivering project products within a stipulated time, expense and quality level. 

Job scopes for PRINCE2 qualified professionals and candidates

You can go global with job prospects once you have a PRINCE2 certification to flash on your CV. Since this programme course will equip you with crucial project management core competencies, you can land up on various project management job profiles with renowned international brands. These competences will equip you to address and manage any project challenges head on being completely confident on the path to undertake. If you have been working for a while as an unqualified project manager then with a PRINCE2 certification on your resume you will be evaluated as an all-round professional and you will have the scope to work for meaningful and growth-oriented job designations such as:

  • Project Manager, IT 

  • Senior Project Manager, IT

  • Service Delivery Manager

  • Project Manager, Software Development

  • Program Manager, IT

  • Technical Project Manager 

  • Customer Project Manager

  • National Senior EQA Scheme Officer

  • Project Management Analyst

  • Implementation Project Manager

  • Service Improvement Manager

  • PRINCE2 Consultant

  • Project Delivery Manager

  • Innovation Delivery Manager

Today popular employers that are aiming to recruit creative and talent professionals consider PRINCE2 as a secure bet.  For them a professional with this certification is someone that can manage any business crisis and emerge successful. Furthermore, the main objective of most esteemed and profit making organization is to reduce cost and yet ensure that their staffs are well trained to deliver high-class projects with quality work within a predetermined deadline. Hence, for them PRINCE2 has become the de-facto benchmark for effective project management.

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