Six Sigma Green Belt Vs Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma is a Quality Management Strategy used to identify the Defects in a process and rectify them in order to improve the the Customer satisfaction and Profitability of the organization by implementing Quality guidelines. Six Sigma teams contains different levels of members according to the Classification of Six Sigma including Green Belt and Black Belt.
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is a Higher level certification any individual can gain after a Six Sigma Green Belt.
The key difference between the Green Belt and black Belt lies here. 
Six Sigma Green Belt explains the Key Fundamentals, Tips and Techniques of Six Sigma for the people who are working on their first Six Sigma Projects. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control are the concepts explained including Graphical analysis techniques and Lean Six Sigma Processes. A Certified Green belt assists with analysis and Data collection for Black Belt Projects and Leads Smaller Projects. Most of the Organizations believe Green belts are the future of the company. The main reason is they gain experience by working with stake holders in all the levels in the company.
Six Sigma Black Belt is for the people who already gained a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and moved forward to work on number of projects. In Black Belt Certification they get trained on Deeper analysis tools. Their syllabus includes Green Belt material with some instructions on Stakeholder influencing, Change Management and Advanced Statistical tools. A Black Belt should have a Above average Analytical skills, a little Computer proficient and a good level in Computer analysis and basic math. A Certified Black belt works on Problem-Solving Projects or Cross Functional projects in all the departments of the organization. They are a  good Project Leaders and Excellent Communicators. However Master Black belt is above all and trained about 20 and above Green belts and Black belts.
Finally the Six Sigma Green belt and Black Belt holders are Excellent Problem Solvers.

Author : Lisa Findlay

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