Unexpected Ways Six Sigma can Benefit your Company

Six Sigma has numerous benefits because of which more and more companies are implementing it in their processes. It is a management methodology that uses data and analyses the same to eliminate any defects in the organizational processes. The margin of error allowed in Six Sigma is so low that companies who attain it do nothing less than boast about using this methodology. The allowed error is 3.4 times in a million opportunities, which means that the end product will be excellent. This in itself is a great advantage for any company.

By using Six Sigma tools such as DMADV and DMAIC, there are some unexpected ways in which a company can benefit organization; with examples being motivated employees and improved strategic planning. Let us see the other areas in which a company can unexpectedly benefit by using Six Sigma.

Benefits That You Didn’t Expect

1) Efficient Management of Time

If planners and implementers in an organization have more time in hand, it effectively means that they can invest the same in other important areas of business, such as strategizing or marketing. Six Sigma tools help managers efficiently manage time and track interruptions if any. With these measures in place, they can tackle various kinds of interruptions by using smart tactics, create an action plan that would work the best and increase their efficiency by around 30 percent. The time thus saved can be used elsewhere, thereby improving upon the overall efficiency of the business.

2) Reduced Cycle Time

One of the unfortunate things that may happen to any organization is a prolonged cycle time of any process, thus resulting in missing deadlines and targets. With Six Sigma tools, this can be avoided. If DMAIC methodologies are employed in an active manner, if experienced employees are made responsible and accountable for their respective functions, and if all the negative factors are identified at every stage, then the cycle time can be reduced to up to 35 percent. This ensures optimum results and timely deliveries too -- almost every time.

3) Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is one of the crucial steps in any organization. Any glitches here will have a direct effect on the end result and dependent processes. It is important that one drives improvements up the supply chain so that the defects in the process are reduced significantly. One way to reduce defects is by reducing the number of suppliers that are associated with the company. Six Sigma tools like DMAIC can assist the companies by cutting down on the number of suppliers that a company is dependent on, which in turn directly reduces the number of defects in a process. The aim of achieving defects that are less than 3.4 in a million can be achieved by managing the supply chain better.

4) Higher Level of customer satisfaction

Last but not the least, effectiveness within the company is not the only thing that matters. Additionally, happy customers are what every company aspires for as they are a factor that determines a company’s success. They set the benchmark for results and goals, which is why any company wants to retain its existing customers as well as attract potential ones. Six Sigma helps a company analyze a customer’s perspective on any product and can measure its satisfaction levels. It reduces the chances of having dissatisfied customers. If the demands and needs of the customers are fulfilled, they will stay loyal to an organization. Thus, Six Sigma can be credited for higher levels of customer satisfaction too.

Maximizing the Benefits

It is always wonderful when one gets more what is asked for. Six Sigma does the same and works on having continuous quality improvement. Companies may opt for it with a set of benefits that they are expected, but in the end, they would always get more than the share of benefits that they had hoped for. Since it has been established that there are underlying benefits to Six Sigma, there is no way that one should overlook its implementation. Every company, irrespective of its specialization, can benefit from this methodology and get scintillating results.

Go for Six Sigma and its expected as well as unexpected benefits — you will not be disappointed!

Author : Uma Daga

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