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Agile Framework Crystal

Crystal Clear is a member of the Crystal family of methodologies as described by Alistair Cockburn and is considered an example of an agile or light weight methodology. Crystal Clear can be applied to teams of up to six or eight co-located developers working on systems that are not life - critical. Crystal is actually comprised of a family of agile methodologies such as Crystal Clear, Crystal Yellow, Crystal Orange and others, whose unique characteristics are driven by several factors such as team size, system criticality and project priorities. This Crystal family addresses the realization that each project may require a tailored set of policies, practices and processes in order to meet the project’s unique characteristics. Several of the key tenets of Crystal include teamwork, communication and simplicity, as well as reflection to frequently adjust and improve the process.

Like other agile process methodologies crystal promotes,

  • Early frequent delivery of working software

  • High user involvement, adaptability

  • The removal of bureaucracy or distractions

The Crystal family of methodologies focus on efficiency and habitability as components of project safety. One Crystal Clear focuses on people, not processes or artifacts. Crystal Clear requires the following properties:

  • Frequent delivery of usable code to users

  • Reflective improvement

  • Osmotic communication preferably by being co - located

Crystal Clear additionally includes these optional properties:

  • Personal safety

  • Focus

  • Easy access to expert users

  • Automated tests

  • Configuration management and frequent integration

Crystal Family is divided as:

  • L6-Loss of life

  • E6-Loss of Essential Money

  • D6-Loss of Discretionary Money

  • C6-Loss of Comfort

  • Six stand for a team consisting of three to six individuals