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PMI-ACP Knowledge Areas

Knowledge and Skills (Level 1)

Knowledge and Skills will comprise about 40% of the exam. Top to Bottom and topics are as:

  1. Active Listening

  2. Agile Communication Management

  3. Agile Problem Solving strategies, tools and technique

  4.  Agile Manifesto and Principles

  5.  Feedback Techniques for products

     6. Assessing and incorporating community and stakeholder values 

     7. Incremental delivery

      8. Stakeholder Management

      9.Agile Brainstorming techniques

    10. Agile Knowledge Sharing

   11. Agile Team motivation

  12. Building Empowered Teams

 13. Agile Leadership tools and techniques

 14. Time, Budget and Cost Estimation

 15. Coaching and Mentoring within teams

16. Prioritization techniques

17. Value-based decomposition and prioritization

18. Product and Quality standards

Knowledge and Skills – Level 2

Here we list Level 2 Knowledge and Skills:

1. Agile Framework and Terminology

2. Agile Facilitation Methods

3. Building High-Performance Teams

4. Agile Participatory Decision models

5. Agile Business Case development

6. PMI’s Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics

7. Co-location / Distributed teams

8. Process Analysis Techniques

9. Agile Continuous Improvement process

10. Self-Assessment

11. Project Charter for an Agile Project

12. Value-based Analysis

Knowledge and Skills – Level 3

And finally the Level 3 Knowledge and Skills.

1. Agile Contacting Methods

2. Innovation Games

3. Agile Project Accounting principles

4. Principles of System Thinking

5. Applying new Agile practices

6. Regulatory Compliance

7. Compliance (Organizational)

8. Variance and Trend analysis

9. Control Limits for Agile projects

10. Variations in Agile methods and Approaches

11. Failure modes & Alternatives

12. Vendor Management

13. Globalization, Culture and Diversity


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