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Perform Quality Assurance

Perform Quality Assurance focuses on:

  • Work being done on the project

  • Ensures that the team follows the processes as planned to produce projects deliverables

Perform Quality Assurance is an execution process that is performed while the project work is being done. Following tools and techniques are used by Perform Quality Assurance process:

Plan Quality And Perform Quality Control Tools And  Techniques

The tools and techniques of Plan Quality and Perform Quality Control processes are used as a part of Perform Quality Assurance process.

Quality Audits

A team of auditors is responsible to see if the project is complying with company policies, standardized practices and procedures to determine whether the policies, practices and procedures being used are efficient and effective.

Process Analysis

The process analysis should be planned at certain points in the project. Process analysis is a part of continuous improvement effort on a project and focuses on identifying improvements that might be needed in processes.

Outputs Of Perform Quality Assurance

Perform Quality Assurance leads to the following outputs:

  • Change requests

  • Updated standards and processes

  • Updated project management plan and project documents


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