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Human Resource Responsibilities For Project Managers

The list of Human Resource Responsibilities of project managers is:

  1. Determine the resources required for the project

  2. Negotiate with resource managers for optimal available resources

  3. Create a project team directory

  4. Create project job descriptions for team members and other stakeholders

  5. Make sure all roles and responsibilities are clearly assigned on the project

  6. Understand the team members needs for training related to their work on the project, and make sure they get the training

  7. Insert reports of team members performance into their official company employment record

  8. Send out letters of commendation to team members and their bosses

  9. Make sure team members needs are taken care of

  10. Create recognition and reward system

Develop Human Resource Plan:

One of the outcomes of develop human resource plan is defining the roles and responsibilities of team members. The Develop Human Resource Plan process involves:

Enterprise Environmental Factors:

The project manager needs to identify the organizations involved in the project, existence of hidden agendas, are contracts available, is training available for project team members, among others.

Organizational Process Assets:

Organizational process assets such as processes, procedures, historical information are effectively used in Develop Human Resource Plan process.

Organization Charts And Position Descriptions:

There are multiple ways to record and communicate roles and responsibilities including Responsibility assignment matrix, organization breakdown structures, resource breakdown structures, position descriptions. Additionally, any roles and responsibilities expected of the team members need to be clearly assigned, in addition to the project activities the team members are expected to complete.

Resource Breakdown Structure:

The resource breakdown structure breaks the work down by types of resources.

Position Descriptions:

Position descriptions are like job descriptions but only created for project work. They are usually documented in text format.

Human Resource Plan:

A human resource plan is an output of Develop Human Resource Plan. The human resources planning requires a plan for when and how team members are added, managed, controlled, and released from the project. The Human Resource Plan includes:

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Project Organization Charts

  • Staffing Management Plan

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