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Introduction on Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management involves:

  • An integral part of project management is an important function of human resource function i.e. creating recognition and reward system

  • Team members competencies need to be improved and it is a critical responsibility of a project manager

  • Executing process group primarily includes Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource activities done by a project manager requires documentation and is formal in nature

  • Formal roles and responsibilities are to be assigned to project team members to assist the project manager in effective project execution

An important note: The exam takes into consideration that the organization is operating in a matrix environment. Hence, topics such as motivation theories and powers of a project manager are critical.

Project is coordinated by the project manager and planned by the teams. Resource availability must be continually confirmed by the project manager. The project team consists of a project manager, project management team and other team members of a project. A project management team includes some of the team members to help and assist the project manager with project management activities. Team building activities are a required part of project management. A project manager formally plans team building activities in advance. The project manager must track team member performance. The human resource responsibilities increase as the size of the project team increases.

The Human Resource Management process involves:

  • Identification of team members

  • Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Creation of reward systems

  • Improving team members performance

  • Track team and individual performances

Roles And Responsibilities of a Project Manager:

Clear identification of roles and responsibilities of management, team members, and other stakeholders on the project, using tools such as responsibility assignment matrix is a key activity of a project manager.

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