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Role of Team and Stakeholders

Role of Team

A team is a group of people who will complete work on the project. The team may help to:

  1. Identify constraints and assumptions

  2. Create the WBS

  3. Decompose work packages for which they are responsible into schedule activities

  4. Help identify dependencies between activities

  5. Provide time and cost estimates

  6. Participate in risk management process

  7. Comply with quality and communications plan

  8. Help enforce ground rules

  9. Execute the project management plan to accomplish work defined in the project scope statement

  10. Attend project team meetings

  11. Conduct process improvements

  12. Recommend changes to the project, including corrective actions

Some team members may have project management responsibilities in addition to their responsibilities of implementing work. If so, they are considered part of project management team.

Role of Stakeholders As A Group

The stakeholder is anyone who can positively or negatively influence the project, including the customers or users, the project manager and team, the project's sponsor, program and portfolio managers, the PMO functional managers within the organization, and external sellers that provide services or materials for the project.

The stakeholders may be involved in:

  • The creation of the project charter and the project scope statement

  • Project management plan development

  • Approving project changes and being on the change control board

  • Identifying constraints

  • Identifying requirements

  • Risk management

  • The stakeholders may also become risk response owners.

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