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Service Transition Introduction

Service Transition - Goal

  1. Service Transition provides guidance for the development and improvement of capabilities for transitioning new and changed services into live service operation

  2. Effective Service Transition can significantly improve a Service Provider’s ability to handle high volumes of change and releases across its customer base

  3. Any change, like change of supplier, change in way we manage service or even retirement of services are handled as part of Service Transition

Service Transition - Objectives

  1. Resource management – Transition Planning & Support manages the resources across the service transition phase

  2. Minimise impact on production environment - Change Management/Service Validations & Testing / Release & Deployment processes ensure that a complete testing is required before any new release is pushed on to the production and the changes are successful

  3. Increase satisfaction of transition experience - A smooth transition always delivers smiles in the operations hence increases satisfaction. Who would not love to have things at place.

Service Transition - Business Values

  1. Competitive edge, ability to adapt quickly to new requirements and market developments

  2. Transition management facilitates management of acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers and transfer of services

  3. Increase success rate of changes and releases for the business

  4. Improve predictions of service levels and warranties for new and changed services