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Activities of closing a project process

Activities of closing a project process

The activities are:

  • Prepare planned closure

  • Prepare premature closure

  • Handover Products

  • Evaluate the project

  • Recommend project closure

Prepare planned closure:

Before closure of the project can be recommended, the project manager must ensure that the expected results have been achieved and delivered. The trigger is a project and approaching and the project manager should do fewer things, one of them is to request a product status account. So that all the products have been approved and have either met their quality criteria for the relevant concessions have been given. A budget manager will also update the project plan from the last stage and the project manager will confirm that the project has delivered, what is defined in the project products description. One of them is the update of the project planned by the project manager and another one is the production of the product status account by project support.

Prepare Premature Closure:

In some situations, the project board may have instructed the project manager to close the project prematurely in such circumstances, the project manager must ensure that work in progress is not simply abandoned, but that the project salvages anything of value created to date and checks that any gaps left by the cancellation of the project arrays to corporate or program management. Update the issue register to record the premature closure request and this may be for an existing issue and the project manager will still need to update the project plan. Now, the project manager should request for a product status account, but in this case, the project managers will look at all of the products that have been produced.

Hand Over Products:

The project products must be passed onto an operational and maintenance environment prior to the project being closed. This may happen as a single release at the end of the project, or the project approach may include to face delivery where products are handed over in a number of releases. The benefits review plan may need to be updated to include the post-project benefits reviews of the performance of project products in an operational use.

One of the documents that will be referred during handover products is configuration management strategy. This states how products are to be handed over of goals and as part of the handover products activity. And in doing so, responsibility for the products is transferred to those organizations.

Evaluate the project:

Successful organizations learn from their project experiences. When evaluating the project the objective is to assess how successful or unsuccessful the project has been. It may also be possible to improve the estimation for future projects by analyzing the estimates and actual progress metrics for this project. An important aspect of this is to review the original intent as documented in the baseline project initiation documentation that was produced in the initiation stage and then to review the changes that have occurred throughout the project resulting in the current version of the components of the project initiation documentation based on that various other sources such as the issue register, risk register and quality register, project manager produces a project report.

Recommend Project Closure:

Once the project manager has confirmed that the project can be closed a closure recommendations should be raised to the project board. The project manager checks who need to be notified of closure using the communication management strategy. Closes the various logs the issue register, risk register etc and the project information needs to be secured and archived. The project manager also prepares a schematic of project closure notification that goes to the project board for approval and a closure recommendation is then triggered.

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