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Introduction on Managing a Stage Boundary Process

The purpose of the managing a Stage Boundary Process.

The purpose of managing the stage boundary process is to enable the project board to provide with sufficient information by the project manager so that it can review the success of the current stage, approve the next stage plan, review the updated project plan, confirm continued business justification and acceptability of the risks.

Overview of the managing the Stage Boundary Process.

It has an interface to direct a project to both initiating a project and controlling the stage. The Stage boundary process comprises five activities.

Objective of Managing Stage Boundary process are to:

  • Design a stage plan for the next stage

  • Check the project initiation document

  • Record the information or lessons learned from stage boundary and other projects

  • Crosscheck all the products in the ongoing stage, and ensure that they are approved and reported to the project board

  • Send a request for authorizing next stage

In case there are any exceptions for the project, then the following objectives will be applicable:

  • Preparation of an exception plan

  • Getting an approval for the proposed exception plan for the ongoing stage plan or for the project plan

The objective is to assure the project board that for all products in the stage plan the current stage have been completed and approved and to prepare a stage plan for the next stage the project manager want to move on to the next stage and make sure that the project bullet have everything they need to approve so review and if necessary update the project initiation documentation. Provide the information needed for the project board to assess the continuing viability of the project including the aggregated risk exposure. Record any information or lessons that can help in the later stages of this project and or other projects. Request Authorization to stop the next stage.

The context of managing the stage boundary.

Managing a Stage Boundary process is predicated on dividing the project into management stages. A project needs to ensure that the products created is delivered in accordance to customer requirements. The continuing correct focus of the project should be confirmed at the end of each stage. If necessary, the project can be redirected or stopped to avoid wasting time and money. It is also important to recognize that the projects can go wrong or can be affected by the external factors that invalidate the business justification and early identify the potential flow here is the project managers full cost that any of the project or stage tolerance is likely to be exceeded. In such cases, it is important to have a mechanism for corrective action in order to bring the project back into the right direction. A positive decision not to proceed is not a failure. What is a failure carrying on with the project when all the evidence says not to. The Manager Stage Boundary process provides a means by which an exception process can be implemented.

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