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Introduction on PRINCE2

PRINCE2 is an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. PRINCE2 is the second major version of the prince method. PRINCE2 itself was updated in 2009 and this course is based on the 2009 version PRINCE2. PRINCE and PRINCE2 were originated in UK but are now used worldwide.

The Manual for this course is called managing successful projects with PRINCE2 and you must have access to copy of the manual to follow this course. The Manual contains all the information you need for beginners and for experienced project managers and as you see if we go to the course it contains a lot of information.

After referring this manual very often during the course and you will become very familiar with its content. So even if you don’t remember facts in the manual you need to remember where to find them. Some people put sticky tabs on the edges of the page of the manual to help them find things more easily. So for example if you want to find out something about risk in PRINCE2 it might be get sticky tabs on the edge of the page with a section on risk begins.

Now you may have heard the expression Business As Usual of (BAU). Many organizations have to balance these competing requirements, that need to maintain current operations which means things like staying profitable, providing service of a high quality, maintaining strong relationships with their customers etc. Primarily serve the people who work in the business can be high and then they will send me to transform their business operations at the same time. That is, transformation might take many forms or might be from many raisings. Now it is achieving the balance that is a challenge for many companies and it's becoming even more important to balance business as usual and change and the way we implement the change is to use projects.

What is a Project?

A project is a temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an agreed business case. Projects are used to introduce change they are about sharing. Every project is unique. Projects may share some characteristics that imply doing a project for a different customer or in a different place or perhaps with a different scene of people with different structures to the chain. Finally projects involve risk and uncertainty. Now you may argue that your business usually involves risk and uncertainty.

What is Project Management?

Project Management is planning, delegating, monitoring and controlling all aspects of the project and the motivation of those involved to achieve the project objectives within the expected performance targets for time, cost, quality, scope, benefits and risks. The idea of the project management method is to implement a consistent well proven and secure approach. Because this can reduce risk and increase the chance of success. We can learn from the way, how other people have successfully managed projects and use some aspects of how they've gone about project management. One of the project management method is PRINCE2.

  • So what's special about PRINCE2?

  • Why do so many people use PRINCE2?

These are the advantages of PRINCE2

  • It is a known proprietary method

  • Its not provided by or associated with the company

  • It was actually created by the UK government and is administered by a couple of other companies now

  • You can also apply to any type of project. It's a generic method

PRINCE2 is in public demand and anybody can use it. PRINCE2 separates the management from the specialist work. It draws a distinct line between the works that the builders and caters do and the people who are managing projects. It helps an organization to improve their capability to do with change and a close change is what projects are about. Lets stop our looking at some other things that a project manager does. One of the most important things is to prepare a plan for the project, the plan involves doing the specialist work. Specialists work will depend on the type of project. So if you are building a specialist work, things will be unlike designing the building or laying the foundations or lying the bricks or putting the roof.

Even if the project manager can do the specialist work on a project that is not the project managers role to do it. So, the project manager basically delegates the specialist work to other people. That impact is essentially not that unusual for a project manager to do. An ability to delegate is an essential skill for a project manager. Once the work is delegated and the work is underway, the project manager monitors progress on the work against the project plan and the project manager will react to the progress against the plan. The project manager needs to be able to take corrective action in the event of issues arising and he needs to keep various people, the people we collectively referred to as the stakeholders. A Project Manager exercises control which often means having to take actions to get things back on track when things are going wrong and subjects to monitor and control a project manager.

What is Risk?

How much risk are we prepared to accept in the project and benefits, why are we doing this while this project is taking place. In fact PRINCE2 is an integrated framework processes and frames.The addresses, the planning, delegation, monitoring and controlling of all the six aspects of project performance cost, timescale, quality, scope, risks, benefits.

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