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Project Product Description

The project product description is a special type of product description that is used to gain agreement from the user on the project's scope and requirements, to define the customers quality expectations and to define the acceptance criteria for the project. The project product description is created during starting up a project and may be refined during initiating a project. It is subject to change control and should be reviewed at stage boundaries.

As mention just now it is very unlikely in a significant project that things will not need to change at some points. When closing a project it is important to check that the project has delivered what was expected and that the acceptance criteria have been met. The approved project product description is included in the project brief and that's one of the management products. Note that the project product description is actually a special form of products description it includes the customers quality expectations and at this level the quality criteria and quality methods represent the acceptance criteria and acceptance methods for the project overall.

The purpose of a product description is to:

  • Understand the detailed nature purpose function and appearance of the product

  • To define who will use the product

  • To identify the sources of information or supply for the product

  • Identify the level of quality required of the product

  • Enable identification of the activities that are needed to produce review and approve the product

Product descriptions for all of the projects product are created once detailed planning gets underway. On the level of detail in product descriptions is rather subjective but there must be enough detail to provide a secure and appropriate measure of control sufficient to fulfill the customers quality expectations.

Important Details of Product Descriptions :

In a product description note the sections specific to quality: you have quality criteria, quality tolerance, quality method, quality skills required and qualityresponsibilities. Although products corrections should contain enough detail to fulfill their purpose they should also not contain too much detail or they could unnecessarily increase the cost of quality for the product. So it is possible to put too much detail into a product description.

Various factors will determine how long it takes to produce good product descriptions, including how important, complex and unique each products is and how many stakeholders will review and approve each product. The quality criteria comprise the quality specifications that each products must meet and the quality measurements that will be applied.

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