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Specific aspects of tailoring

The program will define the standard of a project we need to use when developing a business case. The project business case will be aggregated into the overall program business case and is likely to be reduced in content. It may comprise the details of the budget, a list of benefits (and the benefits tolerance), and a statement as to how the project is contributing to the program. In some cases, the business case might be produced and maintained by the program and even exist in detail prior to initiating the project. Benefits will be defined, tracked and managed by the program management team and the project's benefits review plan will be a part of the program's benefits realization plan. So, this is an area in which the fact that project is part of a program is extremely significant.

Examples of tailoring PRINCE2:

For an organization that has embedded PRINCE2, the embedded version of the method still requires tailoring. So the first example we are going to look at is projects in a program environment.

What is a program?

A program is a temporary flexible organization structure created to coordinate directly and oversee the implementation of a set of related projects and activities in order to deliver outcomes and benefits relating to an organization's strategic objectives. A program may have a life that Spans several years.

Projects in a program environment.

The distinction between projects and programs is that:

Projects typically produce or change something and are then disbanded. Projects operating in the program environment benefits from the number of advantages and there are a number of ways in which PRINCE2 can be tailored for use within a program. Programs are typically used to help transform organizations. Therefore, the temporary program organization tends to have a lifespan that covers the realization of the benefits which could be several years.

Comparison between projects and programs:

  • Projects are driven by deliverables. Whereas, programs are driven by the vision of an end state

  • Projects have a defined start and finish. Whereas, programs have no pre-defined path as such

  • Projects have bounded and scoped deliverable the products of the projects. Whereas, programs are about changes to business capability

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