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Introduction on starting up a project process

Projects can be identified in various ways and thus a wide variation in the information available at the time of start up. PRINCE2 calls the trigger for the project of the project mandate, the project mandate should provide the terms of reference for the project and should contain sufficient information to identify at least the perspective executive of the project board. The mandate is refined to develop the project brief. The project board must be provided with sufficient information to make the decision to initiate the project. The effort involved in starting up a project will vary enormously from project to project if the project is part of a program the program itself should provide the project brief. The preparation of the outlined business case and assembling of the project brief which parallel and iterative activities require regular and frequent interaction and consultations between the project manager the project board members and other stakeholders.

Purpose of the starting up a project process:

The purpose of the starting up a project process is to ensure that the prerequisites for initiating a project are in place by unseen the question. Nothing should be done until certain base information needed to make rational decisions about the commissioning of the project is defined. The purpose of starting up a project process is as much about preventing the project from ever being an EC 80 as it is about approving the initiation of available projects. As such starting of a project is a lighter process compared to the more detailed and there initiating a project process. Whenever we go through the purpose you need to be clear what is the purpose of each process.

Process Overview:

You soon get used to recognizing what a process is? what an activity is? what an event or a decision is? and so on

Objective of starting up a project

The objective of starting up a project process is to ensure that there is a business justification for initiating the project. Sufficient information is available to define and confirm the scope of the project. The various ways that a project can be delivered are evaluated and a project approach is selected. Individuals are appointed who will undertake the work required in project initiation and all will take significant project management roles in the project.

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