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Philosophy behind the PRINCE 2 approach to plans

First Identify the products. Then identify the activities, dependencies and resources required to deliver these products this is called product based planning.

  • First of all design the plan so this is a prerequisite in the PRINCE2 approach to plans

  • Then define and analyze the products

  • Identify the activities and dependencies. That are required in order to produce a products.

  • Prepare the estimates for work and resources involved and then prepare a schedule for the production.

A very important activity is analyzing the risks and in fact analyzing the risks should be a factor threw out the development of a PRINCE2 plan then finally document the plan. The product base planning approach is not only used for the project plan it is also used for the stage plans. The first activity there was designing the plan and decisions need to be taken about how to present the plan. For a project that is part of a program, there may be a common approach and standards in place so you may be given a template which contains a basic structure for your plan and also the choice of planning tools to use may be dictated by the program or perhaps by your customer. A very good idea to make sure that you are clear on that is to use estimation methods, other tools and techniques that you are going to use. Because, some of these will dictate the format and may be even the content of the plan and the many Morton tolls there will be able to produce good output.

Advantages of product base planning include:

  • Clear and consistent identification of the project products

  • Removal of ambiguity over expectations

  • User involvement in specifying products choir minced so that the user can confirm that the product requirements are exactly what the user need them to pay

  • Improve communication relating to project scope and approach

Clarification of scope:

All stakeholders should know what the project is going to produce. Identification of products that are outside the project scope would generate what we normally refer to as external dependencies. One of the big advantages of this product base planning approach is that, during the process a lot can be done on responsibilities to get an idea on who is going to produce a product that's going to be reviewed and who's going to approve it. The senior user is responsible for specifying the project products.

Some of them on more things like identifying and engaging the speakers. But all of these things we regard as products of a PRINCE2 project. The section derivation is selected subject matter and mailing list previous conference lessons, materials and the agreed date for the conference. The event will provide a forum for networking.

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