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Type of questions you can expect in PMP exam

On the PMP exam, you are going to attempt 200 questions. These questions will test all your knowledge related to project management concepts and your ability to apply this knowledge in certain project scenarios. It helps you to know about the type of questions to be expected in the exam. These are some of the question types you may expect to see in the exam:

  1. Situational Questions - A lot of questions (about 60%) are situational in nature. The answer options may seem ambiguous and you may feel more than one of these is the right answer.
  2. Formula-based Questions - You would see these coming from cost, and time knowledge areas mostly. Make sure you have a list of formulae written somewhere and you remember them and can apply them when needed.
  3. Knowledge-based questions - Often these questions come directly from the PMBoK Guide. It pays to review the PMBoK!
  4. Other - People often complain about the length of the questions that come in the PMP exam. You would do better by focussing on the core of a question and not get lost by the detail surrounding it. Also be wary of jumping to answer that seem right at the first glance. Maybe there is a “not” hiding somewhere in the question that needs to be paid attention to.

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