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Six Sigma Certification levels

Six Sigma Certification is a confirmation of an individual’s capabilities with respect to particular skills. Employees can create a promising future for themselves by using this certification. Six Sigma offers different certifications at different levels like martial arts. These are the various Six Sigma certificates from a lower level to a higher level:
Six Sigma Certification Levels
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White Belt: Supports an overall project by working with local problem‐solving teams. But is not a part of Six Sigma Project team.
Yellow Belt: Participates as a project team member to support the project and review the process improvements.
Green Belt: leads the Green belt projects and assists in data collection and analysis for Black Belt projects.
Black Belt: Trains and coaches project teams and lead the problem‐solving projects.
Master Black Belt: Trains and coaches Black Belts and Green Belts and acts as an internal consultant. Works more on developing key metrics and strategic direction in Six Sigma Program level projects.