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The objective of this step is to research the best practice frameworks that may offer some reference to your corporate’s effective use of the CMDB.


Methodologies that you might refer for CMDB related best practices in your corporation include:

  • ITIL
  • Application Services Library (ASL)
  • Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT)
  • New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS)
  • Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM)

Any other Methodologies designed by IT experts are also implemented in various businesses. You may also find supportive reference in global IT service management standards, such as BS15000 and ISO/IEC 20000, or quality assurance frameworks, such as Six Sigma and Capability Maturity Model (CMM). IT Businesses, such as the itSMF, frequently provide reference and more best practices to supplement the typical best practices. For instance, itSMF refer to ITIL, but for lesser industries itSMF also provides reference that is a basic form of ITIL processes.

You shouldn’t attempt to do a herculean task here. Having your business case accepted, you stirred past analyzing the whole thing a CMDB could do and concentrating precisely on what the CMDB team and important project sponsors anticipate the project will do for your business. As a result, you’ve recognized the precise services and processes that your company believes will benefit from using a CMDB. That is where you should emphasis your hunt for best practices.

For instance

A CMDB can be a great benefit in disaster recovery. Though, if your team has not recognized disaster recovery as a base for the initial implementation, there is no justification for the CMDB team to explore disaster recovery best practices with respect to a CMDB.

Note that numerous best practices may not use the same frameworks. They may not call out a CMDB precisely. They may not refer the term CI. They may, however, need data about the IT organization to recognize IT controls. Or, they may suggest or need a precise source of info so that you can measure and develop processes. Those are practices the CMDB can work with.

Deployment is easier when training programs are offered and providers have the knowledge, expertise, and tools for the particular best practice methodologies. Best practices present outside of the conventional processes may be appropriate to your corporation and may associate with the conventional best practices; just be alert that lesser implementations may use them and their existence may be inadequate.

You will not require all of the best practices that you’ve explored to effectively deploy your CMDB. It should be clear which ones you should use completely, which ones you will partially, and which ones you should use as a guide. If you find best practices that are appropriate, but not a good fit for the initial stages of deployment, document them and set them on the side for probable future use, in specific for your repetitive service enhancement program.

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