ITIL on a Small Scale

Ever since ITIL’s inception, many large companies have lapped it up quickly. They have implemented ITIL in their processes and got ecstatic results. Large industries have the technology, resources, money, IT infrastructure and staff to manage the implementation and deliver good results.  However, there are smaller and medium sized companies that wish to adopt ITIL within their system too. Why is there sudden interest in the small scale industries in the ITIL processes? What can one expect from ITIL on a small scale? Read on to know more.
Why does a Small Scale Industry need ITIL?
Of late, there has been a lot of interest in many a small scale industry in ITIL. It is not only because the bigger companies are doing the same or because they have heard good things ITIL. The bigger reason lies in the fact they face the same technical and service delivery issues as that of the larger companies, though the scale and the complexity may vary. It only makes sense that they want to implement something that would help them solve those issues and efficiently manage them. They want to get more control and hope for consistency in the way various challenges are dealt with so that their quality of delivery and service go up. Moreover, every small scale industry works on getting bigger and competing with the big companies. The one thing that addresses all these issues is ITIL, hence the growing demand amongst the smaller players too.
Does Size Matter?
There has been a disconnect between ITIL and small businesses in the past. Due to limited resources, most of the small scale preferred to have IT solutions from within their team itself and ITIL too did not fit into their needs. There was a disparity between the two in terms of organizational needs and the structure, but it is possible for both of them to integrate well with each other. The implementation process is easy and fast if the team can pick up the ITIL processes quickly. ITIL can be implemented in a team as small as just 6 members, so size doesn’t matter for ITIL. The misconception that ITIL standards always insist on large industries with numerous management processes has been a hindrance. Now, that the myth is busted let’s how to approach ITIL on a scale.
What Should You Remember before Implementing on a Small Scale?
These are some points that one should before taking the big step:
  • Choosing the Leader – There has to be someone who needs to lead the process. Implementing anything new can be overwhelming and it will create havoc if something is not to monitor the change. Choose wisely and trust him or her to lead you through the change
  • Prioritize – There are many principles in an ITIL set, some of which may not be necessary for a small scale industry for the time being. It is important to choose the ones that you need and can work with and only choose those. It’s perfectly alright to pick and choose a handful of principles and slowly expand by adding them as and when required
  • Follow the rules – ITIL comes with a set of guidelines that need to be followed to the t. Deviating from it will slow down the implementation process and may interfere with having a successful implementation. Someone from the team has to be made accountable for the same. He has to ensure that all the processes are running smoothly and are on track. As long as they insist on doing a good job on the process they are responsible for, ITIL can be implemented with ease in a small scale industry
What Next... 
It is important that one does not get intimidated by the thought of implementing ITIL in a smaller team. ITIL is designed in a manner that will work for smaller industries too. As long as the processes are in place, the requirements are defined well and attention is paid to small details, you will be good.
Time to welcome a new member in your small team!


Author : Uma Daga

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