ITIL Process and Certification benefits

The most valuable and critical resource that any organization has to manage is – Information. The information is supplied to the business in the form of service.
A service - means to deliver value to the customers, is the most crucial and strategic asset of any organization. An organization’s capability for providing value to the customers in the form of service is known as Service Management. The primary objective of the service management is to ensure that the IT services delivered to the client are aligned with the business needs.
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a public framework that provides a set of functions and processes for the governance, management and control of IT service over their lifecycle.
ITIL Overview & Benefits:
ITIL is the best practice framework that has been internationally accepted both in the public and private sector. It focuses on achieving high quality service for meeting business needs and goals.
  • Key Organizational Benefits: 
  • Increases user & customer satisfaction
  • Improves quality of service 
  • Better reliability
  • Improves service delivery 
  • Improves ability to measure performance
  • Reduces cost & risk
  • Service improvement
ITIL takes a life cycle approach to provide guidance to the organization to sustain high level of business performance. It is really important to adapt the changing economic climate and market. Hence the services offered should enable business change, transformation & growth.
ITIL Service Lifecycle is split into 5 different stages. Each stage has its own principles, functions & processes. Each stage is dependent on the other stage for inputs and feedback.
  • Service Strategy – It maintains and defines the strategy to serve customer
  • Service Design – It designs new IT services as well as any changes and improvement in the existing ones
  • Service Transition – It deploys the IT services in a coordinated way
  • Service Operation – It delivers the IT services effectively and efficiently
  • Continual Service Improvement – It aims at improving the already existing IT services
Why ITIL Certified?
ITIL certification, which is associated with ITIL qualification and training schemes isn’t about doing, it’s about knowing. It does not have roots in theory but in practice.
ITIL is a tool i.e. a methodology that is service driven and not technology driven. Instead of following a rigid set of rules, this practice encourages you to use common sense.
Benefits of ITIL Certification:
  • It is an international brand that gets recognized by the service providers and individuals. It sets a quality benchmark for the IT people across the world
  • It is a common language for IT service management, which is internationally accepted
  • It makes an individual more valuable person in an organization and increase’s his standing
  • It changes an individual’s behavior. He gets more focused on the process rather than the tool. It increases his visibility and encourages him to think differently. This boosts his confidence.
  • Individual contributes more efficiently, which enhances service delivery
  • It encourages an individual to focus more on client’s satisfaction and deliver the service as per business needs. This leads to more trusted relationships
  • It is one amongst the top 10 IT Certification to improve your IT career
ITIL certification will not only help you to be a better candidate in your organization, but it will improve your employment prospects in other IT companies too.


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